In Your Pants

Although my blog isn't quite interesting as the lovely Jewaira's when it comes to these kind of stuff, but I do have knowledge when it comes to sex health (sex health is different from sex addiction which is a sickness). For example, I regularly read almost every topic and column in Men's Health magazine's section on "Sex Health", sex studies, and also, I often visit Anna David's (a sex columnist) blog and website (that doesn't make me a pervert but I think these info will come quite handy in the future). Which leads to me to my next point.

There's a show called "Attack Of The Show" in which it discuses all things related to entertainment and "techy" stuff, including a segment called "In Your Pants". In this segment, the co-host Olivia Munn has a discussion with the sex columnist/specialist Anna David. Now, I understand when Anna talks very openly about sex because that's really her job, but Olivia (the co-host) tends to reveal too much information about her sexual intimacies with the guys she goes out with...making her a little bit...well..."sluty". I mean do I really need to know that she usually fakes her orgasms and doesn’t know if 6-inchs is big or not. Check the videos if you don’t believe me (which they are quite hilarious btw).

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SpiKeY (visit their site)

yeah i guess learning isnt bad...iit helps in the future

SpiKeY (visit their site)

PS: i just saw ur profile pic...ur a final fantasy fan??? 3alla raaasy...if not...haman 3alal rasy :P

Adorra (visit their site)

She isn't very slutty :-p She just sounds stupid. Very ditsy

The Solar Alchemist (visit their site)

Shot Gun

I agree with you and spikey we have to learn about these things in order not to look stupid in the future.

p.s. dude face it, all us men are perverts. you'll find out why as soon as I'm done with my next post

Jewaira (visit their site)

Ditsy is right. I hope it was just for the benefit of the show that she declared she had faked so many orgasms just to get her partner off of her. That sounds awful.

And thank you for your kind reference :)
Reading alot of everything will help you differentiate the good from the bad stuff so good for you, Angel.

Khaled AL-Med3ej (visit their site)

well its a good shows it enrichs my knowledge :p
yabeela B&J`s :p

Honey™ (visit their site)

seriously i love that post ;p

Erzulie (visit their site)

Yup, I agree with Adorra: Ditz to the max. That conversation is similiar to the ones I hear before class starts: subjective, ultra-general, and full of fluff.

Marzouq (visit their site)

Some of that stuff is just rediculous! what the hell are they talking about! some stuff is just hilarious!

Fallen Angel (visit their site)

@Spiky: Exactly.
Yeah I'm a major FF fan...I mean big time. I mentioned FF games in my older posts...especially the post about my top 10 RPG list.

@Adorra: That's might be true, but I don't think these two videos will do the justice on how sluty she is LOL.

@Solar: Glad you think so too and ahh, speak for yourself please LOOOOOOL :D

@Jewaira: And thanks to you Jewaira for all the info you insight us with. And just as I said to Adorra, these two videos are the least disturbing videos of her LOL.

@Khald: enrich your knowledge huh? 2a5 menek 2aaaaaaaaa5. Yalla BJ's tomorrow.

@Honey: Really? I'm glad you loved it ^_^

@Erzulie: Full of fluff? What does that mean?

@Marzouq: What stuff? Please don't tell me you don't get on they are talking about LOL. Yeah, this show altogether hilarious but very informative on its own way.