My Article Has Been Published ^_^

My article about Masculinity and Femininity has been published in Nibras. Nibras is an electronic, online magazine created by the Kuwaiti students in the US. I wanted to contribute long ago but I was lazy until one of my friends encourages me to go for it.

I hope you guys found it interesting. You can post your comments in the magazine if you are a Kuwaiti student in the US, or simply post them here. I found some mistakes in my article but not THAT tragic.

My article entitled "The Rules of Men & Women". It is the only English written article in the Magazine so you will spot it quickly. There are great other articles in the magazine so make sure you read them.

Here is the link:


2 Responses to "My Article Has Been Published ^_^"

Jan6a (visit their site)

read the article didn't know how to comment there, so that gender class paid off huh? I actually saw a documentary about what you were talkin about, how the lil baby was treated differently dependin on its sex. Quite interesting :>

Fallen Angel (visit their site)

The Prof of the Gender Class loved my presentation of the women rights in Kuwait. I used visual aids (a video~ when they announce the women rights and how both men and women celebrated this occasion in the streets) and stuff. I got an A ^_^