My Mother...My Queen

How I feel about my mother is deeper than words can say
I think of courage, beauty, faith, and the kindest person in every way

She helped me feel beautiful and talented when others said I was not
She carried many of my childhood heartaches so a lot of the pain I have now forgot

Unselfishly she concealed her own problems just to make us glad
Showering color into my life is what she does, especially on days that I am sad

My mother is truly a queen without the throne, but a throne I shall create
No enough words can define the way I feel, but words I shall illustrate

My idol, my queen, my hero, my friend, without you I shall not be lost
You are my soul, my air, my body, and my heart that always bound

May your days be filled with happiness not only on this Day
You are my mother, you are my queen...I wish you a happy Mother's Day

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