No Introduction...

I have no idea how would I introduce my blog or my first topic to you? I guess that's a common problem that I have...I always spend at least 1 hour on writing the introduction part of any term paper. Why do we have to introduce our thoughts, our writings, our presentation, and ourselves? Why cannot we jump to the main topic and get with it? Well, I guess that can possibly happens if we were in a life-threatening situation. I mean you certainly don’t have to introduce yourself when you have a criminal inside your house to a neighbor living next door.

Well, I better stop now before you lose your interest of my blog. Well, I guess I cannot help it if you are…I mean with a lousy introduction like that who wouldn’t. That’s the human nature for you…we have to greet and introduce every freaking thing just to get people’s approval and support. In this case, if I thought of a robbing a bank, I might as well introduce myself, and my situation to the banker just so he can understand why do I need the money.


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I'll guess I'll be the first one to post something in your blog.