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In case you are not into videogames, let me you fill you in. Nintendo new console has many "channels" called the Wii channels, and one of them is called a Mii channel. The Mii Channel is an avatar creator, where users can design 3D caricatures of people by selecting from a group of facial features. Users can select from pre-made caricatures or create their own by choosing custom body part shapes, colors, and positioning. For games such as Wii Sports, each player's caricature will be shown as their in-game character appearance. Miis can also be transported to the Wii Remote, and be taken to another Wii.

Now, whether you are interested on the Wii or not, I invite you to create your own Mii and post it in your blog. C'mon people, I wanna see your Mii(s). Post a comment stating that you have done your creation of Mii, so I can post it in the Mii Gallery. Remember, your Mii doesn't have to be a depiction of your personal features.

PS: To make a copy of your Mii, select the "Print" option and save it on a document using a JPEG format.

The Mii Gallery
Fallen Angel's Mii
Aurora's Mii
Gina's Mii
3abeer's Mii
SamBoosa's Mii

25 Responses to "Create a Mii"

Aurora (visit their site)

The only video games I enjoy playing are Mario stuff :P
But your Mii is cute!

Adorra (visit their site)

That's so cool!

Gina (visit their site)

I am posting mine in a minute...

L's brain (visit their site)

yaay wansa, will doooooo! tell me, who is ur Mii? he's handsomely cute ;p

Common_Sense (visit their site)

hehehe cool idea ,, bs I didn't find my nose hatha aham shay ;p

3abeer (visit their site)

cool post..
I'm going to give it a try and post mine in a few :)

3abeer (visit their site)

I can't save it :(


Fallen Angel (visit their site)

@Aurora: Thanks for the compliment. Yours cute too...Rafa looking good :)

@Adorra: wanna share your Mii?

@Gina: That's wayyyyyyyyyy cool...this is so you Gina. Great job ^_^

@L's brain: I'm waiting ^_^
My Mii is actually me ;)

@Common Sense: LoooooooL, I know what you mean...In Kuwait, people's uniqueness is in their noses :D

@3abeer: OK, right-click on your Mii and then select Print. Then, click the "Preview" button and save it. Try to "crop" your picture, making sure than your character is the only thing displayed. Then post it.

Tinkerbell (visit their site)

i refuse to create a Mii until they have a curly hair option :P

Gina (visit their site)

So I did a whole Mii Family now... check me out.

3abeer (visit their site)

I finely posted mine... :)

bo9ali7 (visit their site)


FaYoora (visit their site)

The website doesnt work :/

FaYoora (visit their site)

Me My Mii

Fallen Angel (visit their site)

@Tink: LOL, then how about creating somebody else?

That is soooo wonderful. Liam and Ian looks incredibly seems you have a knack for this ^_^

@Bo9ali7: LOL, thanks and welcome to my blog. So any chance that you will be making yours soon ;)

@Fayoora: Strange...both your link and your website aren't working x_x

FaYoora (visit their site)

How about now ? =D

FaYoora (visit their site)

oh... just add "Jpg" after the "Wii." ;P

Fallen Angel (visit their site)

@Fayoora: OK, the link takes me to photobuckt website but I get "page is not found" message. I dunno, how about posting the pic in your blog and I'll gladly post the link in my gallery.

SamBooSa (visit their site)

allaah abee asaweeeee .. xD

SamBooSa (visit their site)

i Made one :D .. i posted it!! :D YaaaaY

aegis (visit their site)


I probably won't buy a Wi, but still...

jimmyemunoz (visit their site)
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jimmyemunoz (visit their site)

Please post my Mii so I can use it for other stuff. Though, I think the facial structure section needs about two more types. My face shape is relatively standard for a white male and mine did not exist as an option.

jimmyemunoz (visit their site)
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jimmyemunoz (visit their site)
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