4 Physical Traits You Can Thank (Or Blame) Mom For!

Behold the magnificent world of genetics.

"Because you have an X chromosome-from your mother-and it bullies your Y chromosome around, it flaws are your problems. Along with dozens of serious diseases, here's what else you inherit from Mom."


"When you were an embryo, a battle briefly raged inside you. Dad's genes wanted you to be big, strong, and fast, so you could outrun tigers in the jungle or Lions in Detroit. Mom's wanted you to be small, so you'd be easier to deliver. Which is a better fighter? Well, the world is filled with more 5'9" accountants than 6'6" power forwards, isn't it?"

Too bad this isn't true for me because I am not tall as my brother and I am the same height as my father so I did not inherit my Mother's "tallness gene". However, I am not a midget nor a “Michael Jordan” tall.


"The genes responsible for making muscle cluster on the X chromosome. That means Mom may be responsible for your innate ability (or inability) to build massive lats."

No need to worry about that because both my family sides have a normal and probably good muscle history. Next!


"Men often inherit their maternal grandfather's hairline. The culprit: The X chromosome's androgen-receptor gene, which, among other duties, regulates hair growth. If Mom's dad is bald, your chances of the same go up by 25%."

Nope, both of my grandfathers are not bald so YAY!


"Yes, your lifestyle largely determines your weight, but genes are important too. At least a dozen on the X chromosome have been linked to obesity. Such mutation is present in one-fifth of Caucasians and half of African Americans."

*Takes this piece of information with a grain of salt*

Girls, this might not be 100% true for you because this information is taken from Men's Health Magazine and the fact women inherit two X chromosomes (one from Mom and one from Dad). Still, this might help if you are thinking of having the "Perfect Baby Boys". And boys, don't be surprised if your magnificent biceps are from your mothers not fathers, so go and give your mothers a "Thank You" Kiss.

7 Responses to "4 Physical Traits You Can Thank (Or Blame) Mom For!"

Ms.Baker (visit their site)

Dear fallen Angel,

Don't underestimate the power of the little Y chromosome - it has more to it than it appears! It's secrets are only just being unravelled, it's like the Little Engine That Could... :)


PhotoFlo (visit their site)

where did you read that? the "why do men have nipples" book?
because logicaly I feel everything they had to say was wrong.

Fallen Angel (visit their site)

@Ms.Baker: Nawarty my Blog Ms. Baker. Of course, I am not underestimating the Y-chromosome cuz without it I won't be a man. However, the X chromosome still the most dominate, hopefully more info will start to unravel about the Y chromosome in the future ^_^

@Photoflow: No, all the info is taken from Men's Health Magazine. The info is quite valid because all the info is quotes from famous Molecular Biologist and Genetists. Come on, you should be happy that your X-chromosome does all these wondrous things.

Ms.Baker (visit their site)

Dear Fallen Angel,

BTW it is really great to see that you are interested in Molecular science and genetics :) Not too many are!

MsB, who is really enjoying your blog

Fallen Angel (visit their site)

@Ms.Baker: I appreciate your nice comment, thanks MsB ^_^

BTW, I am an MCD-Biology major so that is why I am really interested in Genetics....and Psychology too (it is my 2nd major as well).

Gina (visit their site)


I had high hopes for my child before, but this was really encouraging. Thanks!

Fallen Angel (visit their site)

@Gina: Hey long time no see!! Glad you liked the post. Man it's been a long time since I checked your blog. How is Liam? Hear from ya soon ;)