BBQ in Eldorado Springs

Yesterday, my boys and me went to Eldorado Spring to have a BBQ party celebrating the graduation of one of our dearest friend. We arrived there at 4PM and spend the first hour...well...”BBQing.” We brought hamburgers, chicken burgers, and hot dogs. I explored the park a little and took couple of pictures.

We spend the rest of the day chitchatting, playing soccer, taking about soccer, and everything soccer related. I'm not a soccer fan at all; I mean I do know the name of famous soccer players but not every single one. Thus, I decided to watch at least one match everyday of the World Cup 2006. Hopefully, this will help me understand soccer better and be able to engage in a soccer discussion with the guys.

Well, here are some pictures that I took using my crappy cell phone's camera. Don't worry, I promise to get me a shiny digital camera very soon.

Correct English translation would be: Chicken Meat Discs Ready To Cook

Is it me or that's blood coming out from the hamburger?

Just after the BBQ, one of the guys went to smoke "Shisha" in the middle of Mother's Nature clean air. Ahhhh...Arabs!!

Mother Nature in her glory...the sound of the river was so calming.

I went to the Eldorado Visitor Center to find a bathroom but instead, I found these displayed rocks. Too bad I forgot everything I learned from my Geology Class.

I went for a little hike afterward. Hiking back down was a little scary, I felt like someone was pushing me all the way. That's altitude for you.

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LaiaLy_q8 (visit their site)

LooooooL aham shay el edlaa'3 weyaa el en3alah el khathrah :p

Fallen Angel (visit their site)

LoL et9adgeen tawnee ala7e'9

*~MiSs-Un¡Quέ~* (visit their site)

Allahh!! what a nice view!!..and nice blog..:D

Fallen Angel (visit their site)

@*gurl on wheelz*: Thanks and welcome to my blog ^_^