The Hi5 Effect

The other day I received an SMS from my cousin telling me that she has created a Hi5 account and that I should accept her request. I was like “Woah! It’s been ages since I checked my Hi5 account.” It’s been so long that I even forgot the password and requested to send it to me via e-mail. Anyway, I signed in and found that I have 5 friend requests from 5 different girls (including my cousin). I had no idea who they were but I added them anyway.

After I edit my profile and privacy, I decided to use the search system just for fun and used the following criteria:
*Age: 20 to 35
* Want to meet: Both Men & Women
* Area: Kuwait
* Status: Any

Click on search....

Man, I wanted to laugh so hard and yet felt a pity for “some” of the users. It seems Hi5 has become the next; people apparently were using it just to get dates not to gain friendship. How did I know? Simple, try to read the comments on the person’s profile from other users or “Who I would like to meet” section of the users profile. I have seen at least 20 guys who just wanted “Sex” and surprisingly those users were the most popular. Girls were not angels either; you can witness their desperation to find “a playmate” to waste their times with.

The funniest part is the level of narcissism that most users possess. One user filled his entire profile with his pictures and apparently none of his pictures were spontaneous; it is clear he was spending most of the time taking picture of himself. Others were satisfied with showing their bodies and sometimes their “tiny body parts”.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not asking that you should burn your Hi5 account; Hi5 is still a great site to meet new people and gain friends. However, it should not serve as a dating hub. To me, people who use Internet to find a date are so desperate in real life that they decided to shadow their true identity behind their “not-so- genuine profiles. Yet again, I don't like making snap judgment of people, so I will say no more about this subject.

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LaiaLy_q8 (visit their site)


I have seen that Show on MTV 9ij ma95araah

Drunk'n'Gorgeous (visit their site)

Ooooh Tarkan? Nice! Umm about Hi5 being used for dating. It's their choice. If I remember correctly, options are actually available for you to choose what you're looking for. Just like it's your right to choose friendship, it's other people's right to choose love/sex/whatever.

Besides, in Kuwait, dating is not allowed. So the kids have to find some other medium of "dating". If they're using the internet, then so be it. It's better than meeting up with "sickos" and what have you. I'm not saying that I approve or not but I'm saying it's their choice, not yours. they should walk around with a big fat “L” word on their forehead.

I'm sorry but that's just sooo 80's :P

Off-topic - Noticed you had an anime picture from "Angel Sanctuary" as your avatar. Sweet!

Please, don't take offense to anything I said. Take care, yeah? Laters!

Fallen Angel (visit their site)

@Laialy_q8: Yeah this show is hilarious; I just watch it for the laughs :)

@Drunk'n'Gorgeous: Hey, thanks for stopping by. Now, about Hi5, I am not actually judging it's their lives and they can do whatever they want. I just was shocked on how Hi5 changed since the last time I checked it out. Plus, if they want to get a date via the Internet so be it, but to me, it will always be a lame way to score. However, I think I might be "A-OK" with dating by the Internet but to get sex via the Internet is just crazy to me.

You know for the "L" phrase, I spent like half an hour trying to come up with a sentence that has the same meaning but no luck. My brain just shut down on me. But come on, it is soooo 90's not 80's LOL.

I only read the Manga of "Angel Sanctuary" but never got to see the anime. Based on your blog (Yup, I have seen it) you also like videogames. A girl who likes videogames is HOT!

And finally please stop by as often and no offense was taken whatsoever. It is a silly topic to being with so there is no need to hold a thing against you LOL.

Take care babe ;)

:: muslim artist :: (visit their site)

Please try not to judge others... you do not know their circumstances which led them to seek dates online.:-)