Hot Summer Courses

Tomorrow, the summer session starts from June 5th to July 7th. Here is a rundown of what I will be taking this summer:

Shakespeare Nonmajor Course

Description: Introduces students to Shakespeare's major works: the histories, comedies, and tragedies. May include the nondramatic poetry as well.

I hope this course is interesting as it sounds. I love Shakespeare's works, but I'm kinda intimidated of the "nondramatic poetry" thing.

*History of US since 1865*
Description: Surveys American history from first settlement until end of the Civil War.

You can tell the course is boring as hell but it satisfied the US context core curriculum, so I have to take it sooner or later. The FCQs of this course is pretty good, so hopefully I can pull an A at this one.

That's pretty much it...not too shabby huh?

5 Responses to "Hot Summer Courses"

PhotoFlo (visit their site)

oh do tell me how the first class goes I was going to take that class but ended up dropping..

NuNu™ (visit their site)

Off topic: I can see I'm included to your blogroll.. You could now correct my blogspot by changing it with the new one.

Just click on my nickname! =)

Fallen Angel (visit their site)

@Photoflow: Sure, no problem :)

@NuNu: Thanks for the update ;)

Gina (visit their site)

You can put an A on both of them! I took a Shakespeare class my first year of college and LOVED it. I always loved his works, but the class taught me how to appreciate them more.

Liam is growing like a weed. You need to come visit. You were famous on my Sunday posting. I couldn't resist passing out the link to your biology lesson.

Fallen Angel (visit their site)

@Gina: That's a good thing to hear...I'm actually have fun in this class ^_^