Shakespeare's Dramatic Art

As I have stated on my previous post, I have been taking a Shakespeares class this summer to fulfill my Core Curriculum. With one week short for the finals, I decided to share with you the Shakespeare's Plays that I have studied on the past four weeks. Also, I have rated them for you; although you might disagree with my ratings.

The Sonnets (Poet) ****
Although I got bored easily yet the amount of paradox and personification that were present in the sonnets mesmerized me. The "Dark Lady" was my favorite part.

Titus Andronicus (Tragedy) ****
This play is certainly Shakespeare's bloodiest tragedy; some measure of its matter can be gleaned from a single stage-direction: "Enter the empress' sons with Lavinia, her hands cut off, and her tongue cut out, and ravished." Some Critics acclaimed that since it was Shakespeare's first tragedy, it has less value and he has written it just to get some attention and income. Personally, I loved it. Make sure to watch the Film version starring Anthony Hopkins.

Much Ado About Nothing (Comedy) ****1/2
A classic Shakespearean comedy. I loved every single of it especially the love-hate relationship between Benedick and Beatrice, whose develops over the course of the play. The Film version was good too!!

The Merchant of Venice (Comedy) *****
One of the best Shakespeare's play ever created. I really loved the depth of characters that were presented in the play especially between Antonio and Bassanio and the portrayal of the Jewish merchant: Shylock, who some critics questioned that Shakespeare might be anti-semantic. The Film version was one of the best adaptation ever.

PS: Remember comedy had a very different meaning at that time. Click HERE to acquire more information about Shakespearean comedy.

Henry V (History) ***1/2
Not the best tetralogy around but it was good. It gained its reputation because of the famous "Band of Brothers" speech that Henry said it before the battle begins with the French.

Macbeth (Tragedy) ****1/2
It's Macbeth. Do I need to say more?

Othello (Tragedy) ****
The most significant aspect of the play is that the protagonist is a black Moor, in which was highly unlikely at the Elizabethan era. I enjoyed the concept and the different layers of Iago's character.

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NuNu™ (visit their site)

Heeeeeeey!! That is a new template.. Looking gooooooood Fallen Angel ;)

Caffeinated (visit their site)

I have always enjoyed his comedies more than his other genres.

Good luck with exams!

LaiaLy_q8 (visit their site)

lo sema7t wa7ed shawarmaa deyaay

yeah thats how lost i am hehehe

good luck on the final ;)

7tenths (visit their site)

I never really got into Shakespeare movies, mainly because of the mind-numbingly annoying way they talk! I thought that madness was just restricted to the books, but when I finally got Romeo & Juliet on DVD I was sooo not into it! But damn that's alot of movie incarnations (Denzel?!)! What about the Othello movie 'O' with Josh Hartnett & Julia Stiles? I hear it's pretty good & uses 'normal' English :P

PS. I share the obsession with Wikipedia, that site rocks! Tetralogy of Fallot, shakhbareeeee! :P

Fallen Angel (visit their site)

@NuNu: Thankssss NuNu luv. It's not match for you though ;D

@Caff: Yeah because the comedies usually end with a wedding while the tragedies usually end with the death of the protagonist. And Thanks ^_^

@Laialy_Q8: LOL come on Laialy..are you telling me you have never heard of those plays :D

@7tenths: Yeah the monologues can be quite confusing…but if I understood them, you will pretty much understand them too. Oh and for the 'O' movie, the reason that it uses "normal English" is because the events occur in a modern time (it was in American high school). And oh yeahhhh Wikipedia RULES!!

PhotoFlo (visit their site)

Thanks for the feed back!

I'm going to start reading the book my parents got me of ALL his work.. its huge.

Fallen Angel (visit their site)

@Photoflow: Hey, glad I could help :D

Ya know, I really wanna see how big the book is...can you post a pic for it :p

PhotoFlo (visit their site)


Gina (visit their site)

His comedies are so random and hilarious! He had a sick sense of humor at times. I am glad you ended up enjoying this course so much. I know I did way back when...

Fallen Angel (visit their site)

@Gina: I'm kinda glad since our school is hosting a Shakespeare's fastival later this month. Cannot. Wait.