Wimbledon equals World Cup

Thanks for the matches

Sure, Wimbledon might not attract billions of crowds nor it does generate a massive commercial media and fans' rampage as the World Cup does, but to neglect its existence is 100% pure stupidity (especially if you are a sport fan).

Zidane isn’t the only legendry sport player who is going to bid us farewells this year. A respectful Tennis player: Andre Agassi announced that he would retire from tennis after the 2006 U.S. Open. He already made his final appearance just recently in the Wimbledon 2006 match with Rafael Nadal. Unfortunately, he was defeated, but nevertheless he is still a profound figure in the sport industry.

Please tune in to the US Open (which will start on August 2006) after the World Cup fever feds away, you sure don’t want to miss it.

3 Responses to "Wimbledon equals World Cup"

Yazeed (visit their site)

i like tennis
but it doesnt equal the world cup, or football as a whole,
nothing can be compared the world cup, not even the olympics

√írange Juice™ (visit their site)

I agree with yazeed nothings brings together the world like soccer does but I too love tennis and am equally excited of wimbeldon as the worldcup.

P.s heard roger fedrer is retiring preety early in his career don't you think .

Fallen Angel (visit their site)

@Yazeed: I totally agree with you, Football is an international phenomenon while Tennis is not. What I meant is that Wimbledon and World Cup should both be watched by major sports fan...so you kinda proved my point ;D

@Orange Juice: Great that you like both Wimbledon and World Cup equally. and Fedrer I think he hasn't officially confirmed that yet...I will research for it *Opens the Google Brower*