My Top 10 Songs (July)

Beyounce's "Deja Vu" took the N.1 spot in my chart this month

Even though I should be submitting an Arabic list (If you have been following my blog you will know what I mean); I decided to go with English for this month. Is my list a bit weird, gayish, and, none-hip? Well, I seriously cannot deny that, but hopefully, you will find at least one song that you like. Also, if you notice, I'm not into Rap/Hip-Hop...I don't hate them though. Make sure to wait for the song to load; it shouldn't take too long if you have a high-speed Internet.

Enjoy ^_^

EDIT: The singers for the number 4 song are a band called: The Fray. Sorry if I caused any confusion.

11 Responses to "My Top 10 Songs (July)"

Delicately Realistic (visit their site)

Thanx for sharing :)
Loved the music.

LaiaLy_q8 (visit their site)

#4 sounds amazing 2awal marrah asma3 hal song

*thinking garra downloade that*

FaYoora (visit their site)

The Background Music is amazing!
where'd u get it from .. abee ;$

Honey™ (visit their site)

allah thouqik 7ilow !!

L's brain (visit their site)

alah thanx for sharing :) but wait !! HEEEEEY !! why do u list gayness with weird and nonehip? "Is my list a bit weird, gayish, and, none-hip?"
i hate u :(

Bella Color (visit their site)

U have excellent taste in music!! :) I liked most of the songs bas 6ab3an mako 3ala "public affair & deja uv"!!!

Fallen Angel (visit their site)

@Delicat: You are most welcomed...glad you liked the selection ^_^

@Laialy_Q8: Remember to search for it under: The Fray, which is the name of the band.

@Fayoora: Welcome to my blog babe ;)
Oh and for the background HERE to download the tune in an MP3 format for your ipod ^_^

@Honey: WOW! Thanks for the great compliment...Glad you liked them ^_^

@L's Brain: LoooooooL...there's no need to hate me hun. What I meant is that my list is "gayish" for a straight guy. I mean I have a Jessica Simpson song for crying out loud :)

@Bella: LOL...I guess you too have an excellent taste in recognizing good music. I'm glad that you liked more than one song from the list ;)

Chai-7aleeb (visit their site)


LaiaLy_q8 (visit their site)

Got it :D

Caffeinated (visit their site)

Lots of mainstream stuff, not like that's a bad thing. All are fun to dance to, or sing along with.

Shakira's song has such a great video...

Fallen Angel (visit their site)

@Chai-7aleeb: YOU ARE MOST WELCOMED ^_^

@Laialy_Q8: Sweet...listen to your heart content.

@CaffL: Oh yeah...there's no denying that most of the songs are mainstream. I guess the one that is not is the 2nd least that's what I think :)