Muscle Myths

Myth #1: Lift in the morning when your testosterone is high.

Fact #1: Actually, you'll bulk faster if you lift at night.

Why saying that?

For years, trainers have advised men to lift weights in the morning when testosterone levels reach their peak. But scientists now believe this is a mistake. A man's cortisol levels are also high in the morning, and this tends to "cancel out" the testosterone.

The optimal time to lift weights is actually in the early evening when the hormonal environmental in man's body allows for elevated testosterone and minimal cortisol. Working out in the evening minimizes "catabolic" activity, which means more muscle growth in less time.

Myth #2: No workout is complete without at least 15 minutes of aerobic exercise.

Fact #2: Aerobics are great for a strong heart. But if you want strong muscles. Skip it!

Why saying that?

Aerobics exercises used to be considered a vital part of any weight-training workout. But no more. Physiologists no longer recommend aerobics for men who are primary interested in bigger muscles. Here's why:

(1) You are wasting your time: Why add an aerobics program to your workout if it simply means you will spend 45 minutes in the gym instead of 30?

(2) You are wasting your effort: You may think that aerobics is a good way to warm up. But it's really just a good way to wear yourself out.

(3) You are actually causing your muscles to get smaller: Aerobics promotes long, lean muscles. Weight lifting promotes powerful, big muscles. Decide which kind you want. You cannot have both.

Myth #3: If you want to build muscles, you have to eat protein, protein, PROTEIN!

Fact #3: You need more protein than the average guy, sure. But too much protein can actually retard muscle growth.

Why Saying that?

Your muscle is largely made of protein, so weight lifters obviously need to eat more of it than the average guy. But if you get more than 25% of your calories from protein, you will actually suppress your body's production of testosterone-the hormone that your brain uses to tell your body to build muscles.

Myth #4: Tilting your pelvis one way or the other can maximize the effect of an exercise.

Fact #4: It sounds good until you realize it's impossible to keep your pelvis in one spot while lifting.

Why saying that?

The problem with the popular "pelvic tilt" philosophy is that it makes perfect sense until you discover it's impossible to keep your pelvis in one place while you're lifting heavy weights.

Advice? Forget about your pelvis and focus on your back. If you keep your back in position, you will not only maximize the effects of squats, deadlifts, or ab workouts...but you will also avoid excessive strain and injury.

Myth #5: Stretching before lifting warms up your muscles for exercise and prevents injury.

Fact #5: Stretching fatigues your muscles before the workout even starts!

Why saying that?

Men who combine stretching with their usual workouts produce less than their usual force. In other words, they can't lift as much weight. And that's the opposite of what you want and when you're trying to build size and strength.

Advice? Don't waste more than few minutes stretching. Briefly move your muscles and joints in a way that stimulates the lift. Or skip stretching altogether and use heat to warm up your muscles.

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Delicately Realistic (visit their site)

i always thought 5 to be a myth.

Bella Color (visit their site)

Many men in q8 believe that Myth #3 is true... Please inform them thats its not!!

#5 is a myth?! I didnt know that!! Interesting...

Papillona ® (visit their site)

My Fallen Angel,
Email me once you read this comment, please

Dr.Lost (visit their site)

damn!! i work out when i get up! shiiiiit ;( oh well, i hope i look like that dude soon anyways..

Fallen Angel (visit their site)

@Delicat: Same here. BTW, this info can be applied to women also.

@Bella Color: Well, I have sent this info to all the guys I know...hopefully, those guys will tell other guys as well.

@Papi: Done. The e-mail has been sent ^_^

@Dr.Lost: Don't go down hard on yourself. At least you workout so that's better than nothing ;)

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