On The Current Situation

Please take the time first to sign THIS petition against what is happening in Lebanon right now.

"Important Notice: The petition is not just for Lebanese, non Lebanese can sign the petition too, the more people from different nationalities sign the petition, the better. So make sure you invite your non Lebanese friends to sign the petition."

First, I want to tell you I hate politics in the first place because they complicate everything. I'm looking at the current situation (Lebanon and Israel) from a humanitarian view not from a political view. Does the Lebanese citizens deserve to die? Absolutely not. Does the Israeli citizens (including innocent children and women) deserve to die? Absolutely not. Referring to many people’s comments who are calling for the death of Israel are quite harsh don’t you think? So you (the persons who's making all these rants) agree that all citizens of Israel (including Arabs, Muslims, and Christians who are living there) should die and cast them aside because of a wimp...now that just being cruel. I say BOTH the Israeli MILITIANTS (not civilians) and Huzballah (not Muslims) are terrorists because they don’t see the big picture here.

Besides, if you are thinking that Huzballah is fighting for the sake of Lebanon then you are wrong. Huzballah is a TERRIRORIST organization that is being funded by Iran and Syria. Syria (not Syrians) couldn’t care less about Lebanon, and Iran…well…where should I start? They are not even part of the Arab League and yet they butt in every situation happens here. Hear my words Iran: BUZZ OFF, we don’t need your stupid nuclear weapons nor your constant biased opinion. Also, if you are thinking that kidnapping soldiers is a process of peace negotiations…then pardon me, that’s just being selfish and stupid. Huzballah should have known better that any actions like this would evoke Israeli’s militant forces; this shows how unintelligent they are especially their refusal to be the bigger person by returning the soldiers to Israel. I would rather die than to see the day that Huzballah and other terrorist organizations prevail and to represent my case and my religion.

You (the extremist) should also know that most Lebanese are not supporting Huzballah in the first place. So how dare you speak for them and say “Let’s Huzballah stay and teach Israel a lesson or two”. Wow…just wow, how about you go to Lebanon right know and stay there for a couple of days…let see how that would go. In the time you are reading this post, both Lebanese and Israeli bloggers are exchanging links, comments, and posts that call for peace not violence. Click HERE to Lisa’s blog (a respectful Israeli journalist that has been working for our cause even though we are not doing anything) to see for yourself, and make sure to go through the links she provides.

Also, I want to bring another related issue, which is the way we protest. Most protesters (who claim they are peaceful protesters) chants: “Death to America” and “Death to Israel”…oh really! Since when stating a death sentence to other nations are considered peaceful protests. Hey, I’m not saying that non-Arabs aren’t doing that same thing. They are protesters who are in support of Israeli’s militant actions…and if you asked me, that’s a pure stupidity. An example of true peaceful protest is like the one that has been conducted by Israeli citizens, in which Lisa mentioned in her blog. I will share some of the following picture along with the translation:

The signs read:"There is no military solution."

The signs read: "In war there are only losers."

Oh and one more thing…can you please sustain from using racial slathers whomever your nationality and religion is. Saying things like “filthy Jews” or “violent Muslims” really gets on my nerve. FYI, Judaism is a religion not a political identity; considering all Jews are Israelis is unintelligent just as considering all Muslims are Arabs. Oh and please stop (whomever you are) from sending e-mails to me (or to other people for that matter) forcing me not to buy from Starbucks, Marks & Spencer, and etc. I can make my own decisions thank you very much.

As I close this post, please I ask of you, to look at things from outsider view not from insider view. Don’t force your religion and ethnicity to make decisions for you; use your mind and your heart simultaneously and think: What would I do to stop the hate?

EDIT: Please check this VIDEO that was provided from Temetwir's blog if you haven’t already. You will be surprised by its content.

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Per Your Request (visit their site)

I agree with you on every topic covered. Im glad to see someone else expressing those views.

L's brain (visit their site)

"forcing me from not buying from Starbucks, Marks & Spencer, and etc"
looool same here !!! i received this weird msg asking me to stop buying from starbucks because according to them Israul is being funded by the owner of starbucks. and they said "enjoy drinking the blood of muslims".well, malat 3ala 7ezb allah and israel and am going to starbucks.
and i totally agree with u :)

ZinZinQ8 (visit their site)

I LOVE THIS POST! Thats all I have to say.

DonZz (visit their site)

you have to realise the fact that Jews are condemned in our religion Islam, and you also have to succumb to the fact that Peace will not be settled in the middle-east until the Jerusalem is back for the muslims. That's the way it's going to be.

In my personal point of view, I think Hezbollah did a wrong thing, I condemn them for their actions and their history with us, Kuwaitis, isn't that bright either, we can't forget the Jabriyah Kuwait Airways Kidnapping. But, Israel is fighting hezbolla now, therefore, fighting Lebanon so .. It is our duty as muslims to give complete support to Lebanon. In other words, Hezbolla is going to benefit from the poor civilians deaths. They planned it right. and guess what ? we have no choice but to fall for it.

Temetwir (visit their site)

salam, as promised kind sir i have read it and here is what i have to say

you wrote:
"Besides, if you are thinking that Huzballah is fighting for the sake of Lebanon then you are wrong. Huzballah is a TERRIRORIST organization that is being funded by Iran and Syria. Syria (not Syrians) couldn’t care less about Lebanon, and Iran…well…where should I start? They are not even part of the Arab League and yet they butt in every situation happens here. "

1. Question- rhetorical: are you saying you are more 'Lebanese' than the lebanese in 7ezballah?
2. Question- inquisitive: for 24 yrs, no one has said anything about "for whose sake 7ezballa fights for" because it's obvious it's a fight for lebanon + muslims + arab prisoners. do u know their history?
3. fact: 7ezballah is a terrorist organization only for the united states and israel because it stands in their face, i.e. you cant force someone to disarm unless you want to take them out of the equation
4. fact: just to show you what i mean by "to the US and israel" check here
5. so if the US funds israel to create a power that overwhelms all neighbours so that it can shape its foreign policy; everyone just says ok lets wait it out once theyre done?
actually, im a bit disappointed in any1 who uses the fact that they recieve funds from iran and israel as something that somehow backs up a claim.
syria backs up the president of lebanon, so now the president of lebanon isnt lebanese or ma tehema or .. something u wanna say?
iran backs up 7ezbala for purposes of resistance and reclaim of what is for muslims.
6. you say "we dont need your stupid nuclear weapons" to iran .. and trust me, boy do "we" who SAY IN WORD that we dont look the right for israel to exist as a state need "one of us" to have nuc. warheads..
violent? yeah, tell me all abt it .. israel is the sole power in the region becoz of its nuclear warheads more than anything kind sir

you wrote:
"Huzballah should have known better that any actions like this would evoke Israeli’s militant forces"

- plz check history

you wrote:
"I would rather die than to see the day that Huzballah and other terrorist organizations prevail and to represent my case and my religion."

- heh allah ysam7ek, refer above

you wrote:
"You (the extremist) should also know that most Lebanese are not supporting Huzballah in the first place."

- got a number?
- fact: plz research high officials' stance on this particular point .. judging from what u claim, ull be amazed

you wrote:
"Saying things like “filthy Jews” or “violent Muslims” really gets on my nerve"

- you said not muslims above .. you label them terrorists .. so,, ? (plz check video i linked to again and relate)

you wrote:
"Don’t force your religion and ethnicity to make decisions for you"

ru talking to Olmert? :)


now, let me just put it this way and in ur own words.. you wrote:
" I want to tell you I hate politics in the first place because they complicate everything "

so in ur own words im guessing that:
- u dont follow int'l politics .. becoz u hate it obviosuly
- u do realize that "they complicate" things, and so one must know how and why things get complicated to reach a truth

you also wrote:
"I ask of you, to look at things from outsider view not from insider view"

and i ask of you the same if you want to comment on israel/lebanon/7ezballa/iran/syria/US/UN resolutions/EU/china/nuclear programs/the region

but if u want to say that you feel sorry for the innocent lives lost and that you are sorry for a war waged .. then that is definitely a sentiment i share gravely and have little doubt that anyone would disagree with

Temetwir (visit their site)

a- i love the opening statement, much respect .. realistic and straight to the point.. however sad or sadistic it may seem, of course we all wish for peace. but yeah, not gonna happen "meny wel6ereej"

- what you say abt the ties between 7ezballa and the hijacking is, i think to a high high probability, not backed up, heres why:
a) ketab "eljaraem elseyaseya fel kwait" doesnt say 7ezballa were responsible
b) el tarjee7 is that it was 7arakat amal (which is no longer)
c) 7ezballa denies maqanya (pronunciation?) as being a member
d) 7ezbala doesnt carry operations outside lebanon, its inception in 82 was a reaction to israels invasion of lebanon - and has stayed as such until expanding into the political side .. this therefore also refutes claims of 7ezbala bombing elgahwa elsha3beya (ena lelah)

and you said: " Hezbolla is going to benefit from the poor civilians deaths "
and ex ambass. of US to israel says: israel is hitting civilians as to create unrest against 7ezbala

am sorry sir, but im going with someone specialised.
also check for james zogby's and also check for michel 3oun's

allahoma er7am shohada' lebnan, allahoma er7am amwat el mo'meneena wal mo'menaat war7amna bera7metek ya ar7am elra7i7eem

ScarlO (visit their site)


First off, there is no such thing as being unbiased to your religion and/or ethnicity. What shapes the mind is the way you are brought up. That being religion, culture, etc etc. Education, of course, is based on religion. That's why you have good sciences and bad sciences. Or so I think.

If we want to go back to histroy, Israel's existence is wrong and "illegal." Calling Palestinians and Lebanese people who are fighting invasion "Terrorists" is utterly idiotic. I will be repeating things from the movie mentioned above, so do watch it please, and try to link it to Hezbollah.

It is known (I just heard it on TV by a Lebanese politician, Michel Oun or however you smell is name) that Hezbollah represents a certain sect, a certain people in Lebanon. You cannot, can NOT, deny their role in the past years (2000, the liberation of Lebanon. And 2004, when they took back their prisoners)
I know for a fact that what they do by ACTUALLY fighting Israel (who should NOT be in the area anyways) is much better than your blogging about the situation or my arsed analysis here in this comment that I'm typing right now.
Yes, there are many Jews who do not support the war, and yes, there are many Lebanese who do not support it either. There are MANY Lebanese people who support Hezbollah's cause. Perhaps you haven't run into any of them yet, but that doesn't mean that they don't exist.

Take a look here:

And here:

What do you think? Peace? My arse, hon.
(my ides are so jumbled, you have to excuse me for that, blame it on the fever i have)

A member of the Knessett (typo?) was on BBC just an hour ago. He said that Israel is timing this war for a reason, that there is a political agenda and that this is NOT about two kidnapped soldiers. He himself said, Israel were breaking into the Lebanese land for months if not years, and have many prisoners. What happens, he says, is that usually Hezbollah (like they did four times before, according to him) take prisoners and exchange them with THEIR prisoners in Israel. Why Israel destroys a whole country is totally beyond me.
Israeli Minister of Something appears on TV out of the back arse of no where and says that people in South Lebanon hide missiles in their homes, and whoever sleeps with missiles in their home shouldn't be surprised if they sleep and not wake up the next day. Now does that make sense?

Let us assume that Hezbollah are "terrorists" as you like to unjustly call them. Why punish a whole country for the mistake of a small group? Why hit the Lebanese Army Quarters if you demand that they spread on the boarders to keep peace in the area?
My point is, Hezbollah are NOT terrorists. Hamas are NOT terrorists. It's what Israel wants YOU to call them, it's what they want EVERYBODY to call them.
Oh, and just a friendly reminder; you cannot possibly compare Al-Qaeda to Hezbollah or Hamas; Hezbollah and Hamas defend their counrty against invaders. Al-Qaeda spreads shit around because its led by extremists who are full of shit.

Now if you would still call them terrorists, if you still hope that they do not prevail, then get ready to be led one day by a Jew who hates you merely because you were born a Muslim.

Oh, and yes, surely killing innocent people is wrong and unjust and all that jazz, but why haven't you thought of the innocent people who have been slaughtered and tortured for years and years in Palestine? If it has not crossed your mind, then you shouldn't have written this post at all, because you're unaware of whatever's happening/happened around. If it's because you do not think it's an important case as is Lebanon, then there must be a reason for that. If it's what most peopel say (palestine helped Iraq during the invasion) then you are SO being biased to your own country, and your huminitarian view is as useless as tits on a bull.

PS. Check here; it might be informative somehow:

Don't force it to make decisions?

Extinct-Dodo (visit their site)

though i strongly disagree with most of what came in your post, i respect your opinions and applaud you for voicing what you believe in, just as you respected my views

Fallen Angel (visit their site)

@Per your request, L's Brain, and Zin Zin: Thank You for taking the time to read my post. I appreciate your nice comments ^_^

@Donzz: So basically what you are saying is that I should condemn every Jew I see and refuse his cooperation for peace, also, you are saying that by killing all Israeli people we would achieve peace. Well, we have been using this method for more than 70 years and still it doesn't work. Shouldn’t we consider another alternative for a change? Also, I think it is our responsibility as human beings to support Lebanon not just as Muslims. I appreciate and respect your opinion though.

@Temetwir: That's a pretty insightful replay you have here. I will try to answer all your questions as much as possible.

Well, I have been reading articles and newspapers clips (both from Westerns and Arabian websites) regarding Huzballah and I have arrived at these following conclusions:

1. The start and the early establishment of Huzballah was a good start and at that time I would have considered it as a resistance organization not a terrorist organization. So far, they haven't used suicide bombing as a method to fight back so that's a good thing to know. But their method of negotiation is quite uncanny. Their current actions has caused a great downfall of Lebanon Economy, and by provoking Israel, they have caused the death of countless innocent life including Lebanese and Israelis alike. It seems "the cause and effect" principle is not in their agenda. That is why I am repulsed by Huzballah's actions as well with Israel’s militant forces.

2. Iran should know that what makes the Arab countries quite different from theirs is that “most” Arab countries have religion diversity...which possess a weak point in Iran. BTW, don't you think Iran's possession of nuclear weapons is a threat to neighboring country of Israel such as Palestinians’ territories and KUWAIT? Bear in mind that I also think that Israel possession of nuclear weapon also possess a bigger threat to the area too.

3. According to what I have been reading. Huzballah manage only to nap 28 seats out of 128 in Lebanon's recent parliament. Therefore, they are a minority not a majority.

4. My post is not intended to Muslims and Arabs only but too everybody (and yes Olmert is one of them). Also, I'm focusing on individuals not armies and politics.

5. My reference of "outsider view" is to strip yourself from religion and ethnicity and how we should approach problems (any problems for that matter) as a global citizens.

6. Finally, I want to thank you for the comment because I have gained many facts and info. You also proved you are not extremist and a very rational person and that's a good sign don't ya think ^.^


1. Yes I have seen the video. In fact, I have just linked to my post. I really liked it.

2. Resisting oppression is a bravery action. I'm not saying that all Lebanese and Palestinians who are against the occupation are terrorists. The terrorists are the ones who bring violence to their own and to the life of others. If you think that blowing oneself in a public place is a great method to suppress the occupation...then excuse me, that is idiotic as well.

3. Please read my #1 comment in Temtwir's section to understand my position against Huzballah.

4. If you are supporting Huzballah due to "rational unbiased reasons" such as Temtwir has have presented then it is A-OK with me. But, if are supporting Huzballah just for the sake of "killing Jews and Israelis" than that's idiotic as well.

5. I consider Israel's actions are unjustified as well, just as you said...I mean their response is so exaggerated in many ways, and believe me I know that they are still greedy on Arabian territories. Does the establishment of Israel is "illegitimate"? Yes. Does their occupation still " illegitimate t"? Yes. Does Israel's action make sense? Absolutely not.

6. I might have considered Hamas a none terrorist organization if their method seemed right...but they aren't. The concept of Jihad does not mean to blow your self to pieces along with innocent women and children. I mean if you want to blow yourself why don't you at least do it in a military facility...cafes and buses aren't good places.

7. Don't you think there are Muslims who hates Jews just because they Jewish. They are doing the same thing.

8. If you think that the innocent lives of Palestinians did not cross my mind...then that would make me a monsters and no different from the filthy extremists. Also, I guess I am mature enough not to let the 1990 Iraqi war affect my decisions and actions. Heck, if you want, I can even right 14 pages on Palestinians causes but I guess it is self-explanatory...and probably you know that already.

9. Again just as I have mentioned, my post is focusing on individuals not on armies and military histories.

10. Finally, thank you for your insightful comment. I guess I am not the only one who is using Irony and "sarcasticisim" as a defense mechanism ^.^

Fallen Angel (visit their site)

@Dodo: I just saw your response. Thank You for respecting my views...no hard feelings K' ;)

Temetwir (visit their site)


1. It is not I, but the majority of the EU and certainly most of the world's reaction that these actions by the Israelis can NEVER be labelled as a response to what you label as the "provocation" of 7izballah's action.
Decode the diplomacy and you get that this is not caused by 7izballah. How then you choose to blame 7izballah for the war is beyond me.

This time, the difference is the 1559 resolution. It is ALL about the 1559.

2. You should know that Iran and the Arab world form the muslim countries. You should also know that the Arab countries - the majority - do not recognize Israel as a state.
You should also know that Iran has the same sentiment - when it is not an Arab state.

Thus, Iran's possession of a nuclear weapon is the possession of a nuclear weapon for all those who do not recognize Israel as a state.

This means, on a scale, they will be both of the same weight. Israel already possesses a large number of nuclear warheads.

My sentiment is this:
a) I want any country that does not recognize Israel to have nuclear weapons. NOT FOR WAR. Afterall, I'm not sick of living - just yet at least - but for leverage. And boy, will we (you included) have so much of it.

b) If the only rising country with that programme is the Iranian republic because it does not allow US bases in its borders, then so be it. If it was Saudi, then so be it. If it was Tunisia, then so be it.
I do not see this as rooting for someone. I see this as a unity.
I do not see this as an arab, a kuwaiti, or a "citizen of the world". I see this as a muslim.
If that makes me a terrorist too, then great, I'll continue to think that I'm a terrorist who understands how power is distributed; how power forces itself; and how those who succumb to your power are helpless.

You see the nuclear weapon in the possession of a country that does not recognize Israel as an open cheque for war. I see it as a start for peace.
Think about this (on a pen and paper if need be), and then explain it to me why is it that disarmament is imposed on many many nations (forget 7izballah now) while the US is spending 3/4s of a billion dollars on arms. You do not want to know how much Israel pays.

It's not what is said. It's what it is unsaid.
It's not what is done. It's what is NOT done.

3. I was referring to what you said about the population. And the 128 you speak of is restricted to 27 seats only to the Shi'a sect (and 27 for the Sunni sect).
Also, of those 128, 64 go to Christians.
Not what I was asking for, and definitely did not help back up your claim am afraid, rather the contrary.

5. An "outsider view" is to look at matters not only what is said/done, but what is unsaid/not-done and then putting this in context. Maintaining objectivity would be to actually go through the trouble of doing just this.

6. Most welcome bro and yep I do think it's great that this is based on fact and not pure sentiment that is unarguably shared.

It is not a shame for us to disagree.
It is a shame for us to not agree on anything.

7tenths (visit their site)

Like you, I'm no politician and don't know the history of all things political; but in some way I feel that lessens my bias since instead of hearing politcal opinons from different point of views, I'm pretty much as 'outside the box' as it gets! I do however take a different stance than yours, somewhat..

Obviously Hezbola provoked these attacks from the Israeli's, & while they didn't initiate the war their actions invariably led to it. Yes, it does seem kind of stupid kidnapping soldiers then demanding a bunch of POWs from Israel in exchange, but apparently this worked in the past and seems like the only way (for Hezbola) to get their soldiers back. So while Hezbola went to dire measures in order to get back some POWs, it has to be agreed that Israel is making an even more stupid & pointless move by baraging a whole country with bombs; to call them a bully is the euphimism of the century.

Regarding Iran, you used the term 'buzz off'; frankly, I feel this term should be directed at Bush & his stupid administration that demands the country stop making all things nuclear-uhma shako?? I mean yeah, they could be a threat; but I don't recall Iran ever starting a war, only defending itself. & even if it were nuclear weapons, just owning them and being a muslim at the same time doesn't necessarily make you a 'threat'; although what with the recent onslaught of muslim 'terrorism' that statement can be debated.

Finally, terrorism is a subjective term; you can be a terrorist in one pair of eyes & a hero in another. Which one is true? Only God knows.

Basically I'm for the most part neutral when it comes to wars. Although I have to say, Israel's questionable behaviour makes me understand more and more why my religion 'hates' them so much; & while Hezbola's approach is anything but genius, I can at least attempt to understand it versus the Israeli one. Could my opinion flip 180 degrees after a few hours of CNN or some Israeli news channel? Possibly. But that's basically religion in this lifetime for you: you can't help but grow up into the faith of your birth country/parents (most of the time) which invariably shapes you point of view, opinions and hence decisions in all matters of life.

I'm glad you voiced your opinion, that's what freedom is all about. & I'm glad you started a debate, that's what blogging should be about :)

ScarlO (visit their site)

1) Good..

2) Hezbollah & Hamas ARE organizations who resist invasion. Suicide bombing was talkied about in the movie, if you can remember.

3) Okay..

4) I actually support them because they're defending my land/religion.

5) I'm glad you realise that :-)

6) Again, think of people being humuliated by every possible way. You've seen the vedio, how the old woman was treated. Their government does not support THEIR cause; it sticks with negotiations and such pathetic attempts to solve things. Which do not work, really.

7) Of course I do.

8) Not sure if I do .. but okay..

9) aha..

10) *wink* thanks for taking of your time to reply..

Fallen Angel (visit their site)


First I want you to know that you are not wasting your time and "literally" your breath with me. I'm taking every single word you used into concern.

And to be honest; I never thought of the reasons behind your supporting to Iran's possession with the nuclear weapon. But wouldn't be great if nuclear weapons don't exist in the first place. I cannot really "counter" your thoughts with facts because I'm pretty gullible when it comes to politics just as I mentioned.

Sometimes I wonder:
Am I being delusionist with the idea of World Peace? Am I going to Hell because I'm befriending Jews and Christians? Is the idea of "global citizenship" a good idea after all? Am I so weak that I'm letting my sympathy works the best of me?

....I still have no idea but for the time being, I still have faith with these thoughts…


Hey, thanks for stopping by; I finally got to know your position about this complicated issue. And actually they aren't pretty bad...it shows how optimistic you are. 100% respectful ^_^


Thanks for submitting your thoughts and going through on every sentence. It shows the amount of respect and openness you have to other views and thoughts. I thank you *shake hands*

Tinkerbell (visit their site)

luved this post..again this is a heated subject and u have to put urself on each side of the argument..while i do not condone hezballah's actions i can understand where they're coming from they just lack in strategies..again israel is a driving force in this and bombing an entire country including innocent civilians for the return of 2 soldiers is ridiculous..i think 7tenths said it best..great post and keep up the good work :)

Temetwir (visit their site)
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Temetwir (visit their site)


1. It really does mean a lot, thanks.

2. Yes, of course it would be GREAT if there were no nuclear weapons. But need I remind you of one Harry Truman who changed the world forever.

3. Yes kind sir, I do think people who "dream of" and "wish for" world peace are delusional WHEN they do not understand and take in both the stakes and the gains/losses. I really don't know what it even means since I really don't think the world was ever at rest.

4. No, I do not think befriending Jews and Christians is a sin for the fact that they are this or that in any way.
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

إن الذين آمنوا والذين هادوا والنصارى والصابئين من آمن بالله واليوم الآخر وعمل صالحا فلهم أجرهم عند ربهم ولا خوف عليهم ولا هم يحزنون

- aamana belaah wal yawwm alaakher wa 3amela saale7an -

I emphasize here to point out that this is what faith is and not just the declaration of faith (of course it's not me who's saying that's what the elaya elkarema is for).

5. Since you do recognize the fact that globalization is a truth we cannot escape; don't you think it comes at a price?
Okay, what if that price defies what you SAY you are standing in favour of (not recognizing Israel), does it mean that you let go of what you are?
These, I think at least, are the questions you should be wondering about.

Finally, I must say that even I have this outlook on the world I like to maintain that it is a "realistic" view and in no way a pessimistic one.
Not expecting the best is not like denying the existance of the possibility of the best. I hope that makes sense.

I mean, why would I be willing to support a cause that is ripping out the hearts of millions if I did not believe CHANGE to a more secure world is through this hardened path?

Note that I say security and not peace.


Fallen Angel (visit their site)

@Tink: Thank you tink for sharing your thoughts and again thank for the very sweet comment ^_^

@Temetwir Another insightful replay as always. Thank you for stating that particular passage of the Quran...it sure made me feel a lot better.