Pesto N Pasta by now, you probably figured out my taste, in smoothies, videogames, and music, but what about food? Well, I honestly don't have a favorite restaurant but I do have a favorite "easy-to-cook" recipe that I would like to share with you all. It is so easy that even your grandmother could do it...wait, let me rephrase that, even Paris Hilton could do it. It is so cool how a person can acquire skills just by studying abroad!!

The recipe is *drums*Pesto Shrimp Pasta. Of course, you can substitute the shrimp with chicken, but let us stick with shrimp for now since it is much healthier.

The Ingridents
*4 oz Penne Pasta (you can substitute the penne with Fettuccine)
*12-14 medium size precooked, peeled shrimp
*3 c chopped baby spinach
*1 chopped tomato
*3 Tbsp ready-made Pesto
*3 Tbsp crumbled Gorgonzola cheese (Optional but highly recommended)
*2-diced walnuts (Optional but highly recommended)

How To Make It?
• Boil the pasta according to the package direction. If you are using frozen shrimp, defrost them by running warm water over them and cook.
• Drain the pasta.
• Transfer the pasta to a large bowl and add the remaining ingredients, stirring well to help wilt the spinach and mix in the pesto.
• For an extra boost in taste, add olive oil and drizzle the pasta with vinaigrette.
• Make a serving for two or save the rest for later. Don’t forget to “decorate” the plate if you are having a special guest.

The Perfect Tool For The Guy
Cook and drain straight from the pot without touching the lid with THIS baby.

Bon Appetite!!

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Bella Color (visit their site)

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... loooks yummmmmy!!

Chai-7aleeb (visit their site)


Caffeinated (visit their site)


I am sure it must be hard to find time to cook as a student...though you may have mastered the one-hand-reading-your-assignment, other-hand stirring-the pot technique from the old Chinese Masters.

ScarlO (visit their site)

I'm hungry now :-p

Sleepy too.

I just bought 'March' by Geraldine Brooks the other day (typo i guess in author's name.) a pultizer prize winner for this year. Author took the father, Mr. March, from Little Women. Saw that its a favourite of yours in your profile and thought i'd let you know. that is if you don't already know :-\
Will post about it when I read it, if you're interested..

PS: Just read Wicked a few weeks ago. Wicked indeed!

NuNu™ (visit their site)

OMG!! I LOVE YOU!!! You read my mind so well... I am so in the mood for pastaaaaaaaa!!

I'm an italian food biggest fan!!

Bella Color (visit their site)

If u luv Italian foood, u must go to Olive Garden, (if u havent gone there already). Its 1 of the best Italian rest. ever!!

FaYoora (visit their site)

tukfaa put back the Music!!!

√írange Juice™ (visit their site)

spinach shrimps pasta hmmmm seafood yummmmmmmmmy ..........
I want more

Fallen Angel (visit their site)

@Bella Color: Shy akeed mayabella!!..I have gone to Olive Garden like hundred I like to call it "ma63am el wahgah". Because every time I don't know where to eat, I go straight to OV.

@Chai-7aleeb: Then you can substitute the shrimps with grilled chicken and it will be SUPER YUMMY ^_^

@Caff: It is sometimes hard especially if the recipe takes much time to make. And about the technique...I’m still working on it, haven't mastered it yet LOL :D

@Scarlo: Thank you so much for the update...I'll make sure to snag a copy when I go to a bookstore. Looking forward for your reflection about the book though.

@NuNu: LOL! Same here...IMO I think Italian is the BEST cuisine on the certainly cannot go wrong with it.

@Fayoora: Oh so sorry sweety. First, did you see my reply on the last post? I gave you the link to the melody for you to listen and to download. Reply me back and tell me if you got it or not. In either case, I'll be glad to upload the song again for my background music ^_^

@Orange Juice: Although I'm not the biggest fan of seafood, yet there are some exceptions. I'll make sure to post more later in the future ;)

FaYoora (visit their site)

offtopic:eee fallen angel thnxx
thats soo sweet of u ^_^
yes i did read ur reply bas i ddnt get how to download it on my wesite thats why i just go open urs everytime im logged on ;p
o now Faj2a mghaayerhaa i got upset.
do u have any idea whos it for?

Chica Bonita Q8 (visit their site)

sounds good .. I'd probably do it with shrimp too but i wouldn't call it healthier shrimp is high in cholesterol not that it has stopped me but just thought you should know ..

Fallen Angel (visit their site)

@Fayoora: Hey, sorry for the late just got my attention. Anyway, the song is composed by a very famous composer named Nobuo Uematsu. He is so famous that you can get/buy his music from the USA iTunes.

@Chic Bonita: Glad you liked the recipe, and yes I realize that shrimp is also pumped up with Cholesterol but not as chicken (is it?) *wonders*