My Top 10 RPG Games


This list is subject to change. I will keep you informed if the list undergoes any changes in the future. Also, make sure to visit the links provided if you want to acquire more information.

[1] Final Fantasy VIII (PSOne)

This is by far, the best Final Fantasy game around. Great story that spans over 4 discs, breathtaking graphics and FMV ever seen on PSOne; it also possess one of the greatest soundtracks composed by the legendary Nobuo Uematsu. Consider you life is not complete until you play this game.

[2] Final Fantasy VII (PSOne)

The releasing of this installment of Final Fantasy marked a new era of RPG games. The game has redefined and changed the whole RPG genre for good. FFVII has better storyline than FFVIII and probably much popular, because it still seize an army of fanboys and fangirls.

[3] Chrono Cross (PSOne)

Chrono Cross is one of the rare RPG games that have an original story stripped from cliché, a great battle engine, and probably the BEST soundtrack of an RPG game to date. It is an impossible task to put the controller down once you start playing the game and starts to suck you into its realm. It is a classic.

[4] Tales of Symphonia (GameCube)

Tales of Symphonia is the BEST RPG game you can get on Nintendo GameCube. Although the story is some-what cliché in most part, yet it has one of the best battle engine that you will keep you coming back for more. I have finished ToS 4 times and yet I never got bored. This game also unleashed the Tales series to the US public and accomplished what its processors failed. Make sure to keep your eyes on Tales of The Abyss, the next installment of the series coming this Fall on PS2.

[5] Final Fantasy X (PS2)

This game introduces many features to Final Fantasy fanatics around the world such as real-time voice-overs, the Sphere Grid system, and the best selling soundtrack. FFX is famous for its original story and memorable cast members in an RPG. The game features an amass amount of side-quests, and mini-games that you can undertake aside from the original story. You are probably living under a rock if you haven’t heard or seen this particular Final Fantasy game.

[6] Grandia II (Dreamcast/PS2)

One of the reasons that I had to buy Dreamcast was to play GameArts' RPG masterpiece Grandia II. Grandia games are famous for their battle system that challenges the player to strategize the input of the battle. Grandia II is the best Grandia game to date; however, the PS2 version sucks because of the lagging time.

[7] Dragon Quest VIII (PS2)

I never really cared about the Dragon Quest series until recently. In fact, me and one of my Japanese friend had a long argument about Final Fantasy vs. Dragon Quest. After DQVIII swept Japan last year, selling more than six million copies in Japan alone; I said to myself: I better get this game and see what all the fuss is about. Fortunately, I get sucked into the game like I have never been sucked before (stop laughing you pervert!). Amazing cel-shade graphics, a great anime-like story, an orchestrated soundtrack, and a very traditional RPG battle system that never get old were the keys that opened my gaming heart again. Highly recommended.

[8] Pokemon Silver (GameBoy Color)

Surprised? Well, don't be. Pokemon RPG series are one of the most recognizable and highly influential RPG series of all time. Pokemon Gold/Silver marks the second generation of the Pokemon series that proved to the world how a sequel should be. The changes that were included in the game had made the life of many Pokemon Trainers around the world much easier such as: organized bag, a highly tech-Pokedex, colorful backgrounds, an excellent battle animation on an 8-bit handheld system, breeding, and the fact you can adjust the time and day has brought the game a new breath of life. Unfortunately, Pokemon has earned the title "cool to hate" which was probably started from those GTA SOBs; yet one must recognize the Pokemon Fever that started in 1998/1999 (the fever has become less intense in these days but still exists). The game still ranks the best and fastest selling game franchise of all time.

[9] Star Ocean: The Second Story (PSOne)

Although I haven't experienced the first story, Star Ocean: The Second Story took my life by the storm with its addictive battle system and great story. The game can be quite long and might take you several months to finish it completely; yet, you would not get a glimpse of boredom (unlike the third instilment which sucked). However, the game's voice over might repeal you from touching the game. Make sure to turn the voice-over off.

[10] Golden Sun (GameBoy Advance)

Ahh! The days that I have been hogging my GBA playing Golden Sun were sweet days. The game features a remarkable 32-bit graphics, an insane puzzle system that will challenge you to the bone, and interactive gameplay that never before seen in a handheld system. One of the greatest surprises is that after you have completed the game, you will realize that the story is far from over and you will have to get the sequal to continue the storyline, along with new sets of characters. Seriously, get this game if you still have your GBA, and be ready to lose some Zs.

Runner Ups:

The rest of Final Fantasy series, The Mana series, Xenogears, the rest of Tales series, Baten Kaitos, Breath of Fire series, Paper Mario, and Lunar series.

PS: I hate Western RPGs because they are utter crap and suck so bad.

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Bella Color (visit their site)

Thank u for making my life easier! I have to buy gifts for my nephews and i didnt know what to get them... Now i know :)

They r obsessed with video games!

Thanx :o)

L's brain (visit their site)

thanx, ana my top 10 pc games are:
theme hospital
theme park, zoo tycoon
and soo on :P

Fallen Angel (visit their site)

@Bella Color: You are welcomed. Although, I have to tell you that some of these games are pretty old. Thus, they will be either hard to find or that your nephews already have them.

@L's Brain: Hmmm, I never really cared about PC games but I do love the Sims. ^_^

Nick (visit their site)
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Nick (visit their site)

I have to disagree with you. I have found western RPGs way more enjoyable than their eastern counterparts. I like the stories and the gameplay much better.

marion (visit their site)

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.