Battle Of The Roses

Since I'm not sexsist, I have observed men and women's general problems toward each other and their constant complains about one another. Here is my list as I see it:

Women's Complaints about Men

1. They are not understanding enough.
2. They are not sensitive to feelings and needs.
3. They are not affectionate enough.
4. They tend to bypass sexual foreplay, and are quick to ejaculate thus losing their sexual interest, before the woman is satisfied.
5. They do not communicate enough. They do not express their feelings and thoughts.
6. They do not pay enough attention to their partners.
7. They do not spend enough time at home with their children.
8. They do not help with order and cleanliness of the home.
9. They do not appreciate the work involved in keeping up the home or in bearing and bringing up children and do not compensate this contribution to family life.
10. They make decisions about work and life without regarding the woman's or the family's needs.

Men's Complaints about Women

1. Women complain, criticize and nag too much.
2. They try to control and suppress men.
3. They are seldom happy.
4. They tend to withhold sex as a punishment or blackmail.
5. They do not think logically, but emotionally.
6. Their emotions are not predictable but change quickly especially due to hormones, during menstruation, pregnancy or menopause.
7. They tend to gossip.
8. They, too, create extramarital relationships.
9. They are not home enough (which for some men means - continuously)
10. They are not taking enough care of the home.

So boys and girls, it is up to you to put an end to these complains. Try to understand and listen what your partner is telling you. Also, try to deliver your thoughts and feelings as much as possible but without showing any negative emotions. Communication people...that's all it takes.

6 Responses to "Battle Of The Roses"

The Stallion (visit their site)

Great post!

I like what you have written and I would like to help put an end to this issue as well!

gmr14 (visit their site)

really i enjoyed it..
keep alive..

A Daydreamer (visit their site)

so true, so true lol nice post :)

Fallen Angel (visit their site)

@The Stallion: Thanks man :)...Yeah, let's put an end to this togather ;)

@Gmr14: Welcome to my blog sweety and thanks for reading the post...I'll try to keep on living ^_^

@A Daydreamer: Thank you soooooo much!! oh and welcome to Final Haven ;)

Gina (visit their site)

Dang, I wish this was a fictional post. I hate how true these complaints are. I do hope we can all find solutions...

Fallen Angel (visit their site)

@Gina: LOL...Same here :)