My Top 10 Arabic Songs (June)

I have decided to post my “Top Ten” list of Arabic songs that I have been listening on my ipod lately. Remember this is MY LIST so I can post either new or old songs (I'm not living in Kuwait right now so I think that's a good excuse). I will post these songs by using the "Arabic IRC" format that I'm sure most of you understand it.

There is strong feminine present storming my chart for this month and few from the Gulf region. Simply click on the song to listen to it via Real One/Quick Time media players.
Enjoy ^_^

[10] Iwan - Wala Fe Ela7lam
[9] Omro Diab - Wa7 Kaytak Eh (MP3)
[8] Abdul8ader Hadhoud - Te'3eeb w Tet'3alaa
[7] 3adel Ma7mood - Al '3alee ye3ood
[6] Fadel Shaker - Maaser Fiya (MP3)
[5] Darine Hadchiti - 3am Tet7alla (MP3)
[4] Elissa - Kermalek (MP3)
[3] Nancy Ajram - Ehsas Jeded (MP3)
[2] Hussain El Jasmy - 9aber
[1] Nawal - 6ammen 8alby

3 Responses to "My Top 10 Arabic Songs (June)"

Marzouq (visit their site)

I dont have any arabic songs that I listen to! lol! I dont even have any on my computer! hehehehe! I need to get a few songs from a friend! lol!

LaiaLy_q8 (visit their site)

nice list buddy

me and you will get along just fine if we ever had to ride together :p

Fallen Angel (visit their site)

@Marzouq: Yup you sure have don't want to miss it. Check Marina FM website to see what the Kuwaitis are listening to by checking the Top 10 sings.

@Laialy_Q8: Great...let's do that then ;p