An Honorary Post: The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

In honor of the release of the next Zelda game this Sunday on The Nintendo Wii, this post is dedicated to all the precious memories of it’s true prequel: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time that released on The Nintendo64 7 years ago (Yes, I was 14 years old when I tried Ocarina of Time). Now you might ask: Why honor a game? Sure, I agree that honoring a game is a bit geeky; however, Ocarina of Time is not an ordinary game. It is by far (known from all critics and gamers) the best game ever created. Period.

The Achievements of Ocarina of Time


Famitsu Magazine [40 of 40] First perfect score ever awarded since its publication
• [10 of 10] First perfect score awarded by the website since its creation
• Gamespot [10 of 10] first perfect score awarded by the website since its creation
• Electronic Gaming Monthly Magazine [10 of 10] Platinum Award
• Edge Magazine [10 of 10]
• Nintendo Power Magazine [10 of 10] Game of the Year 1998


2nd Annual Interactive Achievement Awards including:

1. Game of the Year
2. Outstanding Achievement in Interactive Design
3. Outstanding Achievement in Software Engineering
4. Console Game of the Year
5. Console Adventure Game of the Year
6. Console RPG of the Year

• 5 Awards by BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts)
• IGN's "Top 100 Games of All Time."/Reader's Picks

My Top 10 Moments of Ocarina of Time
10. Confronting King Dodongo

Just after couple of hours (or maybe more) exploring the lava-hot Dodongo Cavern, Link (the hero of the game) ventures deeper into the 2nd dungeon as he finally has his hands on the key to the Boss Chamber. However, just as Link goes inside, he get dropped down to the bottom of the cavern…safely….but not for long, as King Dodongo sees Link as an appetizer for his next meal. Even though this boss is larger than life, defeating him is quite easy. All you have to do is to throw a bomb as he prepares to breathe fire by opening his mouth, when succeed, the boss swallows the bomb and falls unconscious from the impact of the explosion in his stomach. Now, all you have to do is slash your sword at him and he’s history.

9. Finishing the Game

“What? Isn’t finishing a game is supposed to be the greatest moment in a game?” Well yeah, but the story is different in most Zelda games. Because completing the game means that exploring the land of Hyrule has finally come to end, and this is the last thing a Zelda gamer would want. In fact, most Zelda gamers refuse to accept the ending and start to relive the experience all over again…and what they find is a whole new experiences because Ocarina of Time never gets old. Never I tell you...NEVER!

8. Meeting the Great Deku Tree

This is one of the most exciting and breathtaking moments in Ocarina of Time…and it happens after the first 10 minutes or so from booting the game. Meeting the Great Deku Tree is also the moment when the story of the game starts to unwrap, and you get to know why the Great Tree has summoned you. Just after the conversation, the Tree opens its mouth revealing the first dungeon for you to explore. Breathtaking!

7. Booting the Game for the first time

While riding back home with a golden copy of Ocarina of Time, all I wanted to do is boot the game, and quickly create a game file and just have a taste of Zelda’s heaven. Surprisingly, that wasn’t the case when I booted the game for the first time. I got totally mesmerized by the title screen, seeing Adult Link riding his trusty horse Epona, and exploring Hyrule is a cheer joy by itself. It just a small preview (and quite a teaser actually) of what to expect from this epic game, and the journey you are about to embark.

6. Settling the score with Ganon

The final battle with Ganon (or Ganondorf) is truly epic. In the first half of the battle, Link loses his sword and you have to rely on other melee weapons in order to do some damage; however, that wasn’t an easy task as you constantly running out of magic from shooting the Light Arrow (and losing arrows in the process as well). Just after delivering a good amount of damage, Link finally (with Zelda’s aid) strikes Ganon on the head and sends him to the Sacred Realm for good.

5. Playing the Ocarina

It’s in the title so it’s no brainier that playing the instrument is an experience that you will never forget. When you get the ocarina, it doesn’t do very much really until you unlock its potential by learning songs and melodies from other people as you travel. Then, the ocarina will be the most essential tool in the game as you turn day to night, summon the rain, and even warping you to other locations you have previously visited by playing certian songs.

4. Witnessing the exterior view of the Temple of Time

The Temple of Time silently rests on the eastern district of the bustling, noisy Hyrule Market, and probably everyone who played the game was taken over by the design and the size of this Temple. My jaw dropped out of amazement of the cheer detail, and the view of Death Mountain on the horizon was certainly thrilling. However, the biggest surprise is when you return to this location 7 years, and witness how horrible this beautiful place has been turned on. It is the very first thing you see when you exit the temple after seven years of slumber. Shocking!

3. Playing as Adult Link

Just when you think your journey is over and return all the Scared Stones to the Temple of Time, Link is forced to “sleep” in the Temple of Time for seven years. Link (and also the player) was shocked on how he has grown and how his face, voice, and body have changed over the past 7 years. This might look shallow at first, but it is actually a very deep experience like no other. When adult, Link will gain the access to many tools that he couldn’t have used when he a kid, also, Link gets to witness the changes that has become to the land of Hyrule by visitng all the previous places and meeting all his friends who have forgotten about him in the last 7 years. Finally, Link will be able to switch back and forth and changing the future by altering the past. Genius!

2. Conquering the Water Temple

By far, this is the most difficult and most tedious temple you encounter in the Ocarina of Time. Link will have to manipulate the water level back and forth to gain access to the dungeon’s many different chambers. Equipped with Iron Boots (so he can walk underwater) and the Blue Tunic (so he can breathe underwater), the players had to use all their skills and patience to conquer this temple for good. However, the best surprise of the temple is confronting Dark Link in one of the temple’s chamber. Yup, you have to battle against a dark version of Link and the most annoying thing is not only he predicts your moves but also mimics your exact sword strikes, forcing Link to switch to another melee weapon he might have in his inventory.

1. Venturing to Hyrule Field for the First Time

OH MY GOD! The first moment I stepped to the Hyrule Field for the first time was a moment that will be hard to forget. I honestly had Goosebumps all over my body; I mean the giant scope of Hyrule Field is remarkable, and walking through the field is thrilling, as you start to trace Hyrule Castle in distance, and Lon Lon Ranch along the way. The hardest thing is that you get tempted to explore the whole land and visit the many places Hyrule Field connects but you wouldn't since you have some business to do in Hyrule Castle first. And as you are making your way to the castle, the sun slowly sinks and before you reach the castle, the night arrives along with an army of monsters that can only attack you at midnight. However, the scope of the field is not shallow, in fact, Hyrule Field possess many secrets that challenges the players to uncover and discover…seriously, my best moment in Ocarina of Time…hands down.

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shot gun

dude that reminds me, i need to go buy FF12. shit and i'm always in hawali :/

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the guy in the video is cute :P wats that blue thing flying around all the time?

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i dont remember the last time i played video games...

the last game i played was "kingdom of hearts" which i was forced to by my nephews...

However, this game seems interesting...

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Watch the Zelda retrospective movies, they're very good.

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