It's Coming...

It's coming

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teagirl (visit their site)

i never got into the gaming thing.. sad now i feel left out -_-

LaiaLy_q8 (visit their site)

i thought 3indik salfaa :p

SamBooSa (visit their site)

Wii?? wasnt it Mii? am confused :S

3baid (visit their site)

70 hours of gameplay... where am I going to find 70 hours?!

Fallen Angel (visit their site)

@Teagirl: need to be sad. I will be glad to post a detailed report about what's hip in the gaming industry these days :)

@Laialy: El'la 3indi salfa o no9 LOL. The releasing of this game is sooooo much bigger than the releasing of a sequel of a Titanic. Seriously, try to google this game and witness the hype. Thank God I'm not a fanboy otherwise I would have killed you LOOOO :D

@Samboosa: The console is called "Wii"; however, the program or the "channel" that you create your character called "Mii".

@3baid: Yeah I read the impression and I gotta tell ya...that's a good news to me...I'm gonna spend the whole 10 days thanksgiving break playing Zelda.

teagirl (visit their site)

lol, dont do that, i wont read it.. hahaha sorry it doesnt interest me. though i did like soul calibur 2 alot :)