All The Verses

As usual, I was having a little time on my hand, so I thought I would spend some time with youtube’s search engine and type different keywords; hoping might find something exciting. And I did. I happened to stumble upon a bit old video clip of Marwan Khoury’s song called “All the verses (Kel Al Qasayed).” I used to listen to this song a lot but I’ve never seen the video clip until now. The video reminded me of another one he made (and luckily I found it on youtube too) called “Take me with you (Kodni Maak)”, another favorite sing of mine.

I wound up “googling” this guy up (stop laughing) and found he has an official website, at least 3 fan-made websites, and an article about him on, in which they called him (The Prince of Romance)…and I happened to agree too. You might want to know that he writes his own lyrics and composes his songs; in fact, according to my cousin, other Arabic singers will “kill” just to get him write and compose a song for them. Cool! Too bad I didn’t find any video clips from his latest album “Palace of Compassion (Qaser Al Shouq)”, in which it released on Christmas Break last year when I happened to be in Kuwait (and yes I paid 5KD to get his “original” album). Anyway, I’ll leave you with the “All the verses’ video clip in the mean time.

PS: Is it me or did he lose some weight in his latest album cover?

7 Responses to "All The Verses"

Marzouq (visit their site)

This type of songs realllyyyyy dont appeal to me! Romantic songs overall dont appeal to me.. but you sure did a lot of research on the guy!

The Solar Alchemist (visit their site)

A little to much research in my opinion :p. joking......
dude the only arabic songs that i would even think of listening to are the ones that where made before my dad even got married and even sometime before that, these new songs just suck!

SamBooSa (visit their site)

i think he's cute!! a7issa chithi sweet 3annoonnoo 6ayib .. and soo talented!! ;p

Adorra (visit their site)

I like his music.

Bella Color (visit their site)

i see that u've done ur homework on Marwan Khoury...

I like his music bas the guy looks like a kid singing a songs that isnt suitable for his age ;p

Fallen Angel (visit their site)

@Marzouq: Research? Not really, most of the info I got was from page 1 of the google page. Hmmm, I understand when some people get nausea from romantic songs but I think it's good to have a variety. I just hope your appeal in romantic songs doesn't extend to your personal life...otherwise, Mrs. Marzouq will be soooo maaaaad LOOOL :)

@Alchemist: have a sick mind you know that LOOOL! Those songs are classic and ain't replaceable but it's good to appreciate SOME of the Arabic music nowadays.

@Samboosa: Might be...but the I cannot argue you about the talent part :)

@Adorra: Sweeeeeeeet ^_^

@Bella: LOOOOOOOOL, yeah he kinda is. Maybe that's why he composes and write for other seems he thinks that too so he lets other people to use his material :p

Princess Coffee Lover (visit their site)

hmmm I wonder if I'm allowed or even supposed to be reading your blog... is that kind of like crossing my limits and accessing/invading someone's else's privacy??? which I really don't like to do although I do give everyone premission to view mine!

anyways fallen angel I'm so sorry if you did not like me going through your blog... but I really thought it was interesting till I reached the part about Marwan Khouri... I like the guy I think he's a good nerd to have among our arab nerds! I think he's music and his clips take you to a different world.. isn't that what we want though??!!

I'm not a huge music fan... I listen to Sami Yosuf... But I do like Marwan and older music like abdel haleem ,najat el zagheereh.. um kalthoum etc.

btw The Alchemist was one of my wonderful and favorite books ever read:)