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12 Responses to "Recommended"

The Solar Alchemist (visit their site)

"Shot Gun"

dude I'll have to check on what that book is about! but music wise I'm more of a heavy metal guy my self :) . disurbed is my fav!

oh and if you want a good book to read cheack out gods dibries by scot addems it's somewhere on my blog and you can download it for free.

LaiaLy_q8 (visit their site)


i love it how everything is in pictures ^_^

AngeL (visit their site)

Very well said :)i will have to check em out! i heard about that movie any good??

The Solar Alchemist (visit their site)

dude you've been tagged

Honey™ (visit their site)

i think i think ,, that i would TRY !! Yummi Yummi =D

Adorra (visit their site)

I would have, but you went ahead and mentioned Melrose Place :-( That's a big no-no.

Delicately Realistic (visit their site)

Was supposed to watch that movie on friday, is it really good?

Bella Color (visit their site)

1- y did u choose this book in particular?

2- Done! my fav is dont give up (u r still loved)... what about u?

3- Dying to see

4- laish mo Prison Break :P

5- I will kela minick

6- Shino hatha? what is it about?

7- YummmmmmmmmmY! Chocolate, ice cream, & Ben & jerries, how can it not be therapeutic ;p

3abeer (visit their site)

I'd really want to watch queen... and Ben and Jerry's ..Yummy :)

Fallen Angel (visit their site)

@Solar Alchimest: WOW, thanks...I'm into heavy metal myself. And I will post my South Park creation very soon inshallah :)

@Laialy: Finally! It's been a while since you liked something that I posted...I hope my recent post appeal to your taste as well LOL ^_^

@Angel: Your name is Angel…cool, I love you already LOL. Yeah, the movie is really good; it's all about the post events of Princess Diana's death and how the royal family of Britain was dealing with this issue. MUST SEE.

@Adorra: I understand if you got turned off by Melrose Place, but I do have a weak spot for those kind of shows (i.e. The OC. Beverly Hills 90210, etc). However, I hope the rest of the list has captured your appeal ^_^

@Delicat: Yes, it is sooo good, maybe even Oscar-good. Make sure to watch it before the "Americans" cross this movie out of their list.

@Honey: HAHA great choice Honey, hope you find it good-tasting when you give it a try.


1- Cuz I liked his first one, which is kinda famous. It's called "The Five People You Meet In Heaven"

2- *Gasps* SO....DO.....I!!

3- Perfect, but please, don't mention the word death again…cuz, you got me little worried there for a sec.

4- Cuz I know everybody are hooked up on Prison Break already...there's no need to state the obvious.

5- LOL leesh?

6- this show is really cool. It's about a cop who is also a serial killer who happens to "massacre" his criminals and kill them. You will be wondering if he's a good guy or not. Twisted!!

7- LOL exactly ^_^

@3abeer: Yes, make sure to watch it, and also, make sure to watch it while having this ice will two birds in one stone this way.

3abeer (visit their site)

will do ;)

teagirl (visit their site)

i ordered the book 10 minutes after you recomended it, i didnt even think about it.. i guess it was because i was stressed about my bio test, i was stress buying.. it better be good, or else!