Anime Expo Gone Wild

Yuna Gone Wild

A very funny skit based on Final Fantasy X-2. Yuna's custom is nicely made so is Auron's but the guy playing Auron is too skinny to pass the role.

I'm Dante

This one is hilarious. The guy with the red coat is famous among anime cosplayers in the US; his nickname is "Stripper Vash". Vash is the anime character from the Trigun series. The skit is loaded with sexual preferences, but they are nicely done.


A well-acted and yet very funny Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children skit. I love the part where the Turks imitates Team Rocket's theme from the Pokemon anime series.

For more skits, click HERE.

9 Responses to "Anime Expo Gone Wild"

LaiaLy_q8 (visit their site)

don't got HW to do :p

Marzouq (visit their site)

thats some pretty funny stuff! And the costumes are pretty damn good!

Laialy: u angry you have more work! looooool!

Isabelle (visit their site)

fractal is going to lovvvve this!

phoenix (visit their site)

Funny.. I like the one with Dante!

Fallen Angel (visit their site)

@Laialy: I can ask you the same thing...don't you have HW especially since you are applying for Master's :P

@Marzouq: Yeah, but I remember I have seen much better costumes in another anime convention...I wonder what was it?

@Isabelle: I know he's into this kind of stuff....hope you like it too...oh and welcome to my blog ^_^

@Phoenix: Me too...although, the beginning of FFX-2 skit is hilarious.

Honey™ (visit their site)

the videos are not working :'(

SoZu (visit their site)

loooooooool!! 3jbtni awal wa7da malat yuba :D.. im a FF fan ;D

SoZu (visit their site)

bdlya it's Yuna*

Fallen Angel (visit their site)

@Honey: How about now?

@Sozu: LooooooL, yeah it's so funny especially the intro....oh, and I'm a huge FF fan. Cannot wait for FFXII