This is just a conversation I had with my cousin over the MSN messenger couple of days ago. I saved it because I knew I wanted to post the conversation one day in my blog. By the way, we are really close, so pardon the trashy words (although, there aren’t many). Oh and I also substituted our nicknames with “Me” and “Her’ for identity reasons.

Her: OMG sheft 7al8at Oprah 2ams?
Me: U mean 7al8at Eva Longoria.
Her: eee
Me: Yeah, I saw it.
Her: Sheft Nate….9ej 3ajeeeeeeeeb
Me: Yeah he sure is…I really want to ask him to decorate my home one day LOL.
Her: Ditto LOL
Her: And he’s also soooooo yummy. I want him to be my hubby.
Me: Sorry to ruin it for you honey but Nate is gay.
Her:No way!
Me: Waaaaaaaaaaaaay
Her: No he’s not…he’s not feminine.
Her: Just because he works in interior design does not mean he’s gay. Besides, he was all cuddly with Eva.
Me: Ya 7abibty he’s gay. He even lost his boyfriend in the infamous Tsunami incident two years ago. Wait a sec.
Me: check THIS.
Her: why all the good men have to be gay?
Me: I’m here for you honey.
Her: weeeeeeeeeeeee3
Me: I didn’t mean for marriage idiot. It’s double weeeeee3 for me…ba3ad hatha el’le and you....*vomits*

~My Thoughs~

But seriously, this guy is amazing. I like how he turns every simple meaningless thing into art. He certainly deserves the “Lord of D├ęcor” title. Have you guys seen him? Click HERE to access his official website.

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phoenix (visit their site)

He is great...all his work is just AMAZING and he's soo talented!

Gina (visit their site)

I love his style! Such soothing arrangements and colors!

Honey™ (visit their site)

OMG !! is he really gay ??

that man is even more than yaunny ;)

and i love his works !!
he have such a nice taste !!

The Krispy Dixie (visit their site)

nate is beauuuuuuuuuutiful!

ahem shay inna people are shocked that he's gay.... 7ada waaaaaaaaaaaaaathi7!

he's got real good taste... i love it when they bring him on to redecorate stuff...

all the good ones are gay! :0

Fallen Angel (visit their site)

@Phoenix: He sure is...and as for the gay part, everybody was surprised by that.

@Gina: Exactly, I always get mesmerized by his work.

@Honey: Thinking of using his services soon Honey? ^_^

@Krsipy: That's what I loved about him too. And oh about my cousin remarks, it's just she literality lives in the US so it's kinda hard to find a decent man there LOL

Caffeinated (visit their site)

He does have great taste, however, it's not a taste that I share. He seems more mod, slightly minimalist (I'm making use of what little decorating vocab I know). It's cool for some, but not for others.

Minimalist and mod, for me, means that NO ONE lives there. There is no way I could successfully keep a bookshelf clear with a dozen books on there. That bookshelf will soon be packed with books, pictures, and notebooks. I like the lived-in look.

LaiaLy_q8 (visit their site)


too funny

Marzouq (visit their site)

Thats really cool! I think I might order his book! For a guy, I tend to like decoration! Its really damn cool when you get something really nice and comfortable and very livable!

I dont like what people do in Kuwait they make their places so damn unlivable! Just for the sake of looks!

loooool! everyone is surprised he is gay!

Tinkerbell (visit their site)

duuuuuuuh he's gay :P bas he sure has good taste! i so want him to decorate my house :(

DiiGMaa (visit their site)

He is great.. why all gay men are fab at decore and stuff ?.. especially the Fab 5 ;P

and he is so eye-candy !!


Fallen Angel (visit their site)

@Caff: Well isn't there a way to have a bookshelf and arrange your books nicely so they can look good? Minimalist...huh, that's a great word...I might use it soon ^_^

@Laialy: I know ;)

@Marzouq: I see no shame for a guy to like decoration...besides, girls like fancy stuff so that's a plus. And I totally agree with you regarding the Kuwaiti people with their furniture...piece of advice people: The royal "malaki" furniture is sooooooo over.

@Tink: Most gays in America have a good taste...that's why most of them are fashion designers, stylists, etc (I know that's a stereotypical thought). If you want to use his services...then ger ready to fork tons of money. Not only the stuff he gets are expensive but his commission is very very high.

@Diigmaa: Maybe because they aren't afraid to exploit their feminine side more than heteros. I guess every girl has a crush on him.

L's brain (visit their site)

loool. yeah he is an absolute gay. my gf always says that this is why he is gifted :P
i loved ur answeer to digma "they aren't afraid to exploit their feminine side more than heteros"" very true, this is the only reasonable answer. also, nowadays most lesbains and gays look like straight ppl. most of them, lets say the pure ones :) lesbians don't have to be toooo femme or full of buchness. same goes to gays. i enjoyed reading this

Isabelle (visit their site)

i just can't find him attractive... it bothers me that he wears shoes without socks, it must mean that his feet get sweaty! eww

Fallen Angel (visit their site)

@L's Brain: I'm glad that you liked the way I constructed my thoughts...thanks for the compliments hun ^_^

@Isabelle: Really? You noticed that! I didn't know this piece of enough but when you put it this way it's kinda grouse.

Princess Coffee Lover (visit their site)

yes I kinda knew he's gay the way your cousin found out he was gay and i freaked out!!! because I was in love with he's design and liked him alot too... but oh well all the good looking handsome guys with good personalities have to be either gay or married!!!

I do love his style after all :) :Smikle*