FRIENDS Bloopers Extravaganza

Didn't feel like blogging today, so here are some bloopers from the TV show Friends.

Jennifer Aniston (Rachel) Bloopers

Courteney Cox (Monica) Bloopers

Lisa Kudrow (Pheobe) Bloopers

Matt LeBlanc (Joey) Bloopers

Matthew Perry (Chandler) Bloopers

David Schwimmer (Ross) Bloopers

So, which one is your favorite blooper?
Mine is Matthew Perry's.

5 Responses to "FRIENDS Bloopers Extravaganza"

Honey™ (visit their site)


i loved jennifer aniston's !!
she is the best ever :)

MiYaFuSHi (visit their site)

Friends always cheers me up.

I love them all!

Tinkerbell (visit their site)

awww those were so cute thanx for the laugh and mathew perry is definitley my fav! my fav blooper and my fav friend :P

Nonaw (visit their site)

Mathew perry is kewl .. but Matt A K A Joey!! he's Legendary!! Woot woot ..hehehe =P

Fallen Angel (visit their site)

@Honey: Agghhh, I'm bleeding.
Oh...that's my sweetheart you are talking about....I *heart* her.

@Miyafushi: Yeah, every time I'm depressed, my FRIENDS are always on to cheer me up ^_^

@Tink: You are welcome ;)

@Nonaw: WOW, Matt Leblanc is legendary to you...LOL