Review: Love Hina

Inspired by Marzouq

Love Hina is probably one of the funniest romantic comedies from the Anime genre you can get your hands on. The series centers around 20-year old Keitaro Urashima, a young man desperately trying to be accepted into the prestigious Tokyo University (TokyoU) in order to fulfill a childhood promise; in which, when he was in kindergarten, he promised his childhood girlfriend that they would meet in TokyoU and continue their romantic live together. However, Keitaro isn’t a bright guy, in which he keeps failing the acceptance exam over and over again. Until one day, his grandmother gave him the “lodge” (Hinata Inn) she was living in just so she can travel around the world. The desperate Keitaro humbly agrees, thinking that taking care of his grandmother lodge might help him economically (and mentally for his “upcoming” college life). However, what Keitaro doesn’t know is that his grandmother’s lodge is an all-girls' dormitory!!

I don’t want to spoil the rest of the story because it’s hilarious. I really recommend watching it and giving it a try. Bear in mind though that the show contains some “partial” frontal nudity (ala Ranma ½), but other than that the show kicks ass.

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3 Responses to "Review: Love Hina"

Transparently (visit their site)

When I got a copy of this anime, I was on vacation and spent a whole day marathon just watching episode after episode! It is that great.

Fallen Angel (visit their site)

@Transparently: I think having a Love Hina marathon is a vacation by itself :)

Marzouq (visit their site)

this is a really good review! You gave the jist of the story and didnt give away the whole story really cool! I really enjoyed Love Hina! Soo much anime so little time!