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My Psychopathology Textbook

Ahh, today was sure a busy day.

Yesterday, I found that I’m not allowed to take “Behavioral Genetics”; an upper division course for Psychology majors, until I have completed a particular, perquisite statistics course designed for those who are majoring in Psychology. Fortunately, I found the deadline for dropping and adding a course is today, so I spent most of my time last night tweaking my schedule and finding another Psychology course (I’m planning on taking the statistics course next semester). Luckily, the “Psychopathology” course seemed an interesting course to me, and might help boosting my resume in the future. I enrolled to the class but I was waitlisted (my position is #1) and I feared that the Professor won’t allow me to take the class especially since school started last week.

Anyway, I attended the class today, and after the class, I talked with the Professor about my situation and how our Ministry of Higher Education is strict when it comes to sticking to the rules. Fortunately, she accepted me to her class, but she stressed out that I should discuss this issue farther with my academic advisor. So I rushed to the Psychology department, but I found out that I MUST schedule an appointment with my advisor online; I did that, and got my advisor’s card from the cute secretary. And then, I found the deadline to return my “Behavioral Genetics” book and receiving a refund is today. I rushed (again) to the bookstore and luckily I was able to get my refund without any hassle. Although, I didn’t want to buy the “Psychopathology” book, but I had to since there’s one copy left. You see, I don’t want to buy a book for a class I’m not even sure I’m going to enroll in.

Anyway, I just e-mailed my advisor like two hours ago. Now, all I have to do is to wait for the approval from my advisor. Wish me good luck because enrolling to this class might come to your benefit if you want to acquire more information about Psychological disorders. That’s right folks; I will provide my services for free until I get my PhD (like after 8 years or something) and charge you for a huge sum of money…Muwahahahaha *cough* *cough*.

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NuNu™ (visit their site)

Off topic: Loved your new template.. Very calm =)

No3iK (visit their site)


hectic day!!! lol if this was in kuwait
u would have needed a week atleast to finish signing tons of uneeded papers! lol they just do it for fun here !

anyways .. 8 yrs from now ... that would make me ... 32 @@ !!!
omg! i would deffinetly need u then ;p

Adorra (visit their site)

Why is the MOHE holding you on a strict leash?

LaiaLy_q8 (visit their site)

aywaa aywaa i might need help after i am done with my masters

Fallen Angel (visit their site)

@NuNu: Thanks NuNu, I feel the same too. I think I'm gonna stick with this template for a much longer time :)

@No3ik: Then be prepared to pay tons of Money *smirks*

@Adorra Oh is nothing major...just that MOHE require us to be full-time student every semester and the fact they will charge us for any late deadline.

@Laialy: OK, here's the deal. I will be glad to give you free sessions with me as long as you take care of my "financial businesses".