First Impression: Brothers & Sisters

Calista Flockhart stars in the new drama "Brothers & Sisters"

Last night, I witnessed the premier of season 3 of Desperate Housewives (which was really good and funny) and the premier of a new drama series entitled Brothers & Sisters. The big buzz behind the show is that not only the show stars the great, two-time Academy Award-winning actress Sally Field but it also stars Calista Flockhart (ya know from the show Ally McBeal). I thought to give this new show a shot and watch the pilot and see how well it stocks up with the rest.

The story revolves around Kitty Walker, a former radio personality whose success just landed her a job as a TV pundit in Los Angeles; as she joins with her family to celebrate her birthday, she debates the prospect of fame and the marriage proposal she just received from her New York boyfriend. Meanwhile, her siblings are dealing with various dramas including saving the family business, dealing with an autistic son and trying to conquer addictions. What this disparate group of siblings doesn't know is that their father Henry is about to die. How will this L.A.-based multi-generational family deal with the loss of their patriarch? As told through the eyes of the clan's most outspoken member, Kitty.

Now, the big question…do I see this show going somewhere? Well, yes and no. For starters, the script is quite solid but sometimes it tends to be cliché in some parts especially since there is tons of family drama TV shows out there. And 2nd, the drama starts way too soon; just after one episode you will get to know that *SPOILERS* the father will die and leave his family with a money crisis in their family company, one of the sisters is in love with a co-worker while her husband doesn’t know about it, and the youngest son has a drinking problem and etc etc. However, I think the actors have done their jobs in absorbing the characters and the show does possess this warmth that invites you to observe the Walker family in their ups and downs. The show just as my cousin puts it "it's a sexier, more muture version of 7th Heaven." And I agree.

For now, I recommend at least registering this show in your TiVo (yes Laialy, I’m talking to you) and see how it goes for you. Although, I’m pretty sure the female bloggers would be more interested in the show than the males, but with a plot like that…it’s self-explanatory. Stay tune for more first impressions as I watch the new shows and evaluate them for you.

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L's brain (visit their site)

hello :P
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LaiaLy_q8 (visit their site)

ok 1st LoooooooNg post my friend
i was ganna watch Despertae Houswives and the new show Brothers and Sisters bss ra7at 3alay :(
i was to busy being scared of a dog i thought was a lion :p

Fallen Angel (visit their site)

@L's Brain: Hi there :P
Good, so there's no excuse for you for not stopping by ;)

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Isabelle (visit their site)

i really loved ally so much, i'm going to give Brothers and Sisters a chance!

Fallen Angel (visit their site)

@Isabelle: Yes do that...I'm pretty sure you're gonna like it...if you didn't then it's my bad ;)

Isabelle (visit their site)

thanks fallen angel :)