Ramadan Kareem

OK, here’s a common fact that all the students who are studying abroad agree on: Ramadan in the US sucks…BIG TIME. Simply because there’s no indication that Ramadan has arrived whatsoever, such as smelling the food that your mother/maid or whoever was cooking on the afternoon (the peak time of your hunger), the warm atmosphere that invites you to sleep “it” in until “Fo6or” time is in, and of course, the great “tashrebah” that you always loved, and not to forget strolling at the malls until 1:00AM and etc. Instead, I’m stuck here with a Subway sandwich, and school work that pills up while you are watching the Ramadan TV shows on NUKS website (not to mention the premieres of TV shows here), and the fact you stay up at 3:00AM wondering what will you eat for “So7or”…because there’s nothing for you to eat. But do you know what part that sucks the most...it’s when “Eid Al Fiter” arrives and you lose your opportunity to get some greens from your family and relatives because you are stuck in some library somewhere studying for a mid-term instead.

Anyway: Ramadan Kareem o “Embarek 3aleekom el Shahar”.

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NuNu™ (visit their site)

مبارك عليكم الشهر وكل عام وأنتم بخير

Adorra (visit their site)

Happy Ramadhan. This is going to be my last ramadhan in kuwait. I'm trying to absorb it all in.

LaiaLy_q8 (visit their site)

Allah e3eenik we are on the same boat buddy :p

Honey™ (visit their site)

happy ramadhan sweert ;>

Marzouq (visit their site)

Embarak 3alaik el shahar..

I know what you mean to a certain degree, but my friends were american arabs so they lived in the states and I felt a different kind of Ramadan which was really cool. Meeting up with the guys after work or class and going to fu6oor and then eating again at night.. it was pretty fun in the later years, but the beginning it did suck..

alah ekoon ib 3oonik its tough

Caffeinated (visit their site)

A few friendly words to help out with Ramadan in the US (especially during the su7oor time):

I Hop
Waffle House

Bella Color (visit their site)

Mubarak 3alick ilshahar :)

I know what u mean! 7alat Ramadan being home surrounded by ur family and loved ones (damn i miss it already!)

hehhehehe i told my family from now to keep my 3eeeedya for me. Just b/c im away it doesnt mean that im not getting any ;p

Try to enjoy Ramadan as much as u can, even though u r in q8 :)

Fallen Angel (visit their site)

@NuNu: 3aleena o 3alaich...o enty eb5eer o eb 9a7ah o salamh.

@Adorra: Last Ramadan in Kuwait? Does that mean you are leaving Kuwait soon?

@Laialy: LOOOOL, Maskorah wallah 3al support :)

@Honey: Right back at ya Honey ^_^

@Marzouq: 3aleena o 3aleek maga9art wallah.

LOL, luck you...I don't have American Muslims...only lazy Kuwaitis ;p

@Caff: I'm pretty familiar with your advice (although we tend to go to Denny's instead of Ihop)...I even kinda used on having pancakes on Su7or which is kinda odd LOL

@Bella: 3aleena o 3alaich...o 2a5eeran bayantay... *yobab*

Well, it's nice to know that somebody else is also feeling the same way (not that I want to drag you with my misery with me). Hmmm, ya know, I might tell my mom to force my relatives to hold 3edeyah for me :)

PhotoFlo (visit their site)

I love NUKS for the shows :)
Happy Ramadan to you my friend!

Baskin (visit their site)

مبارك عليك الشهر وكل عام وأنت بخير

Fallen Angel (visit their site)

Right back at ya and yes NUKS rocks ^_^

@Baskin: 3aleena o 3aleek...thank you for stopping by and welcome to my blog ^_^

Transparently (visit their site)

Im late? Embarak 3alek el shahar :)

Fallen Angel (visit their site)

@Transparently: No, no you are not late...3aleena o 3aleek maga9art. Also, I should blame myself too for not stopping by too ^_^