• I’m totally freaking out regarding the Calculus exam that we will be having next Wednesday. Therefore, I hate Calculus; mainly because I forgot everything about mathematics since the last time I studied math was on June 2003.

• Our Calculus TA has armpit hair…and the disgusting part is she’s a woman. I mean ewww, what the hell is that about?

• I got a phone number from a girl while riding the bus today by accident. Man, I’m such a natural flirt LoL.

• I cannot get THIS song outta my head; even though it is quite outdated.

• I’m totally excited about Matthew Perry’s new show Studio 60: On The Sunset Strip. Catch the premier this Monday on NBC.

• Might watch The Last Kiss this weekend. The movie seems kinda cool.

• One of my presentation partner in my Psychopathology class is really really cute. Oh and my the way, it is a common fact that all the hotties in our University are mostly Psychology majors.

• Currently playing Resident Evil 4 (NGC) and Dragon Quest VIII (PS2).

• I’m dying for Red Bull right now.

• I hate Calculus (again)!!

• Wondering what to do on the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.


• I usually watch an episode or two of Entourage before I go to sleep these days.

8 Responses to "Tidbits"

Delicately Realistic (visit their site)

Hehe someones popular with the ladies :P

MiYaFuSHi (visit their site)

ewwwwww @ armpit hair

3abeer (visit their site)

Cute post of randon thoughts :)

The armpits hair.. she's probably either a feminist, gay, or just going all NATURAL :P

Tinkerbell (visit their site)

hi there natural flirt ;) hehehe alla e3eenek 3al calculus o 3ala ur amazing tutor :P keep mentioning mathew perry it makes me happy :p

Fallen Angel (visit their site)

@Delicat: I suppose my methods are working with you right now ;)

@Miyafushi: Tell me about it x_x

@3abeer: Hmmm, interesting, why I didn't think of that :)

Oh and welcome to ma blog hun ^_^

@Tinkerbell: Thanks soooo much Tink dear. and will do inshallah (regarding Matthew Perry) ;)

The Krispy Dixie (visit their site)

Studio 60 is gonna rock! I've seen the pilot and it is a very smart comedy..

did u see the look-a-like show with Tina Fey... I think its called 30 on the rock or rock 30 or something.. its set in NYC at NBC studios... madry it seems very similar bes shakla askhaf..

Matthew Perry rocks!

Fallen Angel (visit their site)

@Krispy: I saw it today and it was amazing. Matthew Perry at his bests. And the "30" show thing...yeah it's kinda the same, I don't know if I'm gonna watch it or not but we will see.

L's brain (visit their site)

first of all, i want to say something to 3abeer (though too late): hello, just for the record: feminists and gays don't have armpit hair, fallen angel's TA is just a weird woman. if ur idea of feminists and gays is this then please start looking for better examples than messila's girls :D

second of all, sorry fallen :P couldn't help it. :(