In The Presence of Beauty

While flipping the channels at 1:00AM in the morning, I stumbled upon BRAVO, a channel that is famous for its "gay-friendly" TV shows. Anyway, a re-run of Project Runway was on, a reality TV, in which fashion designers and models compete against each other and their designs are judged and one or more designers are eliminated each week.

Suddenly, a woman appeared that took a spot on the stage that apparently took my breath away as well. It was no other than the famous German supermodel/actress/fashion designer/television producer and artist Heidi Klum. Then I remember watching some of the old episodes in the season she was pregnant but this was the first time I saw her after her pregnancy. Boy, she sure cleans good.

I guess I always had a crush on her since the first time I saw her on my mother's favorite magazine: Al-Jamila. Not only she is cute but she is also sexy. Also, many people (who worked with her) claims that even though she is a model, she is really down to earth (she is also known for her natural beauty as well). So you can bet that I will be tuning to Project Runway this summer, not because concept of the show (which is kinda cool actually) but only to be in the presence of beauty.

PS: Heidi Klum is currently married to the British musician Seal (lucky bastard) and they expect another baby this year.

PSS: There is a Middle-Eastern version of Project Runway isn’t it?

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PhotoFlo (visit their site)

I am a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge fan of project runway. I've seen every episode of every season, I'm such a nerd. I wish I could sew, I would so be on that show.

Transparently (visit their site)

I like what you did with the website. Very groovey. I'd tune in if it was possible but give my regards to Heidi, and her quite to loveable friends. Cheer.

LaiaLy_q8 (visit their site)

i liked the show at first bss now i don't fancy it anymore like American Idol or America's next top model malyt minhom

Delicately Realistic (visit their site)

Yeah, shes married to Seal, i always thought that was nice, i mean thats what i call whats on the inside counts more! I bet he treats her good.

DiiGMaa (visit their site)

I love Heidi !! she is amazing and sij beautiful... I'm actually going thru season 2.. thats the one she's pregnant.. she looks great even when she's got a big belly !! ityanin !!

and yeah there is an arab version of the show.. madre shino isma tho.. it's on one of the lebanese channels.. wa3alaya 3ala lebnaan :(

Cece DeSouza (visit their site)

Seal? They don't match! :s

Anyways, I agree with you and it is true that she is a real beauty.

What channel airs Project Runway? Haven't seen it or heard of it before.

No3iK (visit their site)

shes one of the rare natural beautiful faces.
i know someone is naturally beautiful when i dont get bored from looking at their faces!

yeh thats how you know ;p

so i cant blame u, shes really mashalah beautiful
but i dont know why she ended up with seal :s
maybe hes really good...imean as in treating her good and loves her alot ;p
hehehe anyways
i know how u feel coz lately ive been in the presence of hunkyness with my superman ;)

also the arabic version sucked big time, was a big da3aya to elli saab thats all .

Tinkerbell (visit their site)

yyyyy i luv her! now there's a woman i wouldn't mind turning lesbian for :P

Tooomz (visit their site)

I'm addicted to that show! She is gorgeous but I still think Elle McPhearson is "The Body" (their current squabble).

Fallen Angel (visit their site)

@Photoflo: Well, how about you be fashion photographer...seriously, you will be good at this. BTW, why there isn't a reality TV show for photography...that'd be great LOL.

@Transparently: Thanks for liking the new look, but I'm known around the blogsphere as the person who changes his template 3 times a month LOL. And sureeeeee, I will pass it to the lovely Heidi but her friends (fashion designer) are absolutely not loveable LOL.

@Laialy: Yeah I know what you mean...but it is like guilty pleasure ya know. I even tuned to American Idol this year for the fifth time and probably will watch the 6th.

@Delicately Realistic: The tabloid magazine made many interviews with the couple and they state they are happy and cannot wait for the newborn. I think what makes people kinda repeal from Seal is maybe from the scars on his face, but this is God's creation and we cannot help it. Besides, his voice is phenomenal.

@Diigma: Oh so there was a Middle-Eastern version...well, it should be self-explanatory that the show was Lebanon...I mean it is the capital of fashion and beauty in the Middle East after all. They sure don't deserve this :(

@CeCe: The channel is BRAVO (click on the link to check it out). But people told me that it's being aired in one of the Nilesat (or maybe Showtime) channels. You can catch the show on DVDs if you want.

@No3ik: LoooooooooL, first welcome to ma blog. And yes, Bella mentioned that you have a thing or two for SUPERman, so I'm glad you understand my affection with SUPERmodels. Check my comments about Seal in Delicately Realistic section.

@Tink: Hey...that's a new side of you I never seen before niceeeeeeee. Hmmm, I just wanna picture you two together. Oh wait, I don't know how you like in real like...ahh Dammit. LOL

@Toomz: Ahh Elle in Joey's girlfriend...errr..I mean the supermodel. I think she is the hottest supermodel over the age of 40.

Bella Color (visit their site)

The show is 3ajeeeeb bas the arab version of it sucked big it!!!

Dont u wish arab women would like as good as Heidi Klum after giving birth ;) LooooooooooooooL

Erzulie (visit their site)

I like Heidi because she's not a stick. She has curves and she's super-toned. Basically, not a waif.

I think Elle Macpherson is planning to take Klum to court because Macpherson is publicly known as "The Body" and she also has some products (lingerie, skin care, etc) that use those two lettered words.

Oh well...

PhotoFlo (visit their site)

Well if you watch Americas next top model they plug the photographers alot, and they are really why I watch the show.

Blue Ice Envy (visit their site)
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Gina (visit their site)

Yes, Heidi is a hottie, but Angelina Jolie is still my fave!

Fallen Angel (visit their site)

@Bella Color: LOL, yeah that'll be great. So the Arabic version sucks huh...any news for a 2nd season?

@Erzulie: But Elle Macpherson is over 40 now and Heidi still in her 30s(32 to be exact). So the time has come for Elle to have a rest and let the younger ones take the spot. I know it is harsh but that's the world of fashion...beautiful but mean.

@Photoflo: Oh yeah there's such a thing in America's next top model...too bad the photographers don't win anything for what they do.

@Blue Ice Envy: I'm sorry hun, I have to delete your comment since it is a spam and not related to the topic posted.

@Gina: Hey long time no see, yeah Angelina is my fave too but in the fashion business, Heidi rules LOL.