The Legend Behind The Legend

It really pisses me off when people have a knowledge for shitty games like Winning Eleven and Halo (Yes, they are shitty to me), but neglect probably the best game on the universe. The game is non-other than The Legend of Zelda series. However, most of those people I am referring to are mostly Kuwaitis, and to be honest, they don't understand anything about videogames. I mean how on Earth you call yourself a gamer if you are unfamiliar with the Zelda legacy. Fortunately, I found these three videos from a TV show called "Icons".

Although this episode is somewhat outdated since they didn't mention the two upcoming Zelda games: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii, GameCube), and The Legend of Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass (Nintendo DS). Please, watch these videos and get ready to be impressed. Enjoy

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

13 Responses to "The Legend Behind The Legend"

3baid (visit their site)

Games like GTO and Winning Eleven are for the mainstream players. There are still some kuwaiti gamers out there who are nintendo fanboys and know what games are all about.

LaiaLy_q8 (visit their site)

this is a bit random :p bss did ya watch the new season of Laguna beach?

Bella Color (visit their site)


Well, im not really into these type of games. Im more into 'custom build theme park' kinda games such RollerCoaster Tycoon...

BTW, none of the videos work...

Transparently (visit their site)

Wining Eleven is soccer so, that's what they know, mostly. You will rarely find people who enjoy other flavors. Zelda is a real legend, even though I haven't played it.

phoenix (visit their site)

Trust me, most people play winning eleven because its the best. Bes everybody has his own opinion on what they like. Some like it with guns, some like it with a ball and some just like it with advetures like Zelda or Tomb raider! You know? It's all about "thou8"....

Marzouq (visit their site)

I have to agree and disagree with you on that note! Tera Halo is a legendary game, because it revolutionized the online gaming platform.. it was the first successful online multiplayer gameconsole game to be played. It was what made the XBox successful, its whats going to make people buy the Xbo360 for Halo 3, and this is all based on US not Kuwait.. US gamers love Halo.. there are still Halo tournaments going on.. I still played some of these tournaments last year even though the game was years old by now..

Zelda has a legacy of its own and gamers of its own, but a game which I think is legeng among legends is the Final Fantasy series.. nothing can top that.. I played Zelda and I loved it, but the thing about Halo is that you can get other people involved..

but the main thing about gaming is making sure you enjoy yourself and everybody else too..

but not everyone is gamer.. and you know that! hehehe!

Also another to be added to the list! Command and Conquer, WarCraft (Original), and so many more!

Bloo (visit their site)

Bluu would be so interested in this post.

dishevelled (visit their site)

There's the mainstream players (play whatever's big atm), avid videp game fans who know the good stuff out there (I'm assuming you), and then there's people like moi, who are pretty much still stuck in 1990! I'm still not over the "family game"/"nintendo" ya know the old one with the fixed hand controlers; super mario, ice age, pacman - the good ol' stuff ;P

Fallen Angel (visit their site)

@3baid: Oh yeah, there are some brave fanboys who freely admit their affection to Nintendo...cuz most Kuwaitis see Nintendo for kids...and I don't see that at all. Although I am not a Nintendo Fanboy but I'm a major fan of Nintendo (I hope that makes sense LOL).

@Laialy: OH YES YES The premier was last night I saw it...of course, the drama started from the first Episode...I'm still iffy about the cast but there's one girl "Lexie"...YUMMM

@Bella Color: The videos weren't working cuz youtube was under it's running. I like these kind of games...they bolster your creativity and stuff LOL.

@Transparently: It's nice that you admire Zelda even though you have never played it (I highly recommended it)...just as I admire the Metal Gear Solid Series even though I only played the first one (cuz they are soooo nerve racking)...I like watching someone playing it.

@Phonix: I know what you are saying but why they don't at least know what Zelda is...that what pisses me off, not the fact they haven’t played it like ever. Oh and welcome to my blog ^_^

@Maraouq: Excellent observation. Oh no no, I think Halo is a good game but my problem is that why they have knowledge of games like Halo and WE but don't know what Zelda is...I mean Xbox (and also PS) wouldn't have existed without Nintendo, cuz they redefined the gaming industry...therefore, they should have at least heard of Zelda. I think, I'm more a "Japanese gamer" gamer than an "American gamer" since I favor adventure, narrative games (RPG) rather than the hero who is literally behind the screen (FPS).

@Bloo: Welcome to my blog...and you should defiantly informed "Bluu" about this post LOL

Fallen Angel (visit their site)

@Dishevelled: WOW...that's a good analysis. LOL, I know what you father still loves a particular game on "Computer 9a5er". Thanks for stopping by hun...appreciate it ^_^

jiji (visit their site)

the only video game i love is eemmm *where is my bro when i need him* well... the last gam out was san andreas? emm... can u refresh my memory :p

OOOH OOOHH!! ee grand theft auto :) yeah :) so is that good or bad.. does it make me q80?

Fallen Angel (visit their site)

@JiJi: GTA! Pretty much you are a mainstream Kuwaiti yeah!!

Anonymous (visit their site)

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