The Real World: Kuwait

If you are familiar with MTV’s “Real World” reality TV series, then you will defiantly get a hoot at this one. Please note that any similarities in names and habits with the real life are totally coincidental, as I have totally made up what are you going to read below.

"This is the true story, of seven strangers, picked to live in a house, work together and have their lives taped, to find out what happens, when people stop being polite, and start getting real. The Real World."

The Cast

Khaled: Khaled (24yrs – male) is currently holding a bachelor degree of Business and a graduate from University of California – Irvine. Khaled as he puts it when we interviewed him “I have the looks, the charm, the money, and an ass that doesn’t quit.” Khaled is known to be a true player among his friends and very professional of wooing the ladies. In the show, there’s this weird hate-love relationship between him and Marwa, but she always doubts his commitment issues, so her feelings are always mixed up.

Jenan: Jenan (23yrs – female) is a strong female activist that always strives for a better place for her people. Her mother hasn’t won in the recent elections; thus, she saw this show an opportunity to deliver her message (and her mother message as well) to the public and condemn them to see the error of their mistakes. Jenan (a liberal) is in constant argument with Abdul-Kareem (a conservative). Will they ever come to peaceful terms and respect the existence of each other?

Isaac: Isaac (24yrs – male) or “Is7a8” as it stats in his citizenship card is one of the very few minority in the state of Kuwait…He is a Kuwaiti Christian from birth. “I want to be open to other people and I want other people to accept me for who I am” Isaac said when we interviewed him. “People assume we don’t exist and I despite that. My father even told me that some people want us killed.” Surprisingly, Abdul-Kareem is one of first people in the house who accepted Isaac’s religion; thus, since he is also Liberal, he always plays the role of a mediator between Abdul-Kareem and Jenan. Isaac is known for his great sense of humor and as a comedy relief in the house.

Marwa: Marwa (22yrs – female) is a half-Kuwaiti and a half-Lebanese who grew most of her life in Lebanon due to her father’s job. Marwa is a “free-minded spirit” and very social to anyone she comes across. However, that created a problem for her as she refused to listen to her roommates about Khaled’s true motives. Marwa’s best friend is Isaac, as she understands where he came from and the fact that her mother was a Christian…thus, they always hangout together. However, maybe Isaac wants more than friendship, as he always gets jealous when he sees Marwa talks and fascinates about Khaled most of the time.

Abdul-Kareem: Abdul-Kareem (25yrs – male) or “Kareem” is very conservative, very religious member of the house. As the rest of the members are out partying in Hard Rock or having a great time in the beach, Kareem would rather stay in the house and updates his blog about the current world issues. “What is happening right now is wrong” Kareem mentioned in his interview, “God is watching us but we are not looking back at him. I’m here to correct the ways of those people and open their hearts a bit.” Kareem is in constant quarrel with Jenan and sometimes they go over the line and bash each other…until Isaac comes to the rescue.

Deya (‘9eya2): Deya (19yrs – female) is the youngest member of the house and the “most attractive” as her roommates see her. Deya comes from a very wealthy family; thus, she always spend the “house’s budget” on meaningless purchases that serve her desires. Unfortunately, none of roommates decided to give her the helping hand and open her eyes on the real world…even Kareem; “she’s a lost case” as he stated. Sometimes, Deya invites her girlfriends to the house without even asking her roommates permission; thus they always scream at her and her respond to that is crying to her mother over the phone as she stats that she is not welcomed in the house. Yousef is the only one who has a soft heart for her.

Yousef: Yousef (25yrs – male) or “Joe” is the “meathead” of the house as all his roommates agree. Joe lives a carefree life when he dropped back from college 5 years ago and all he does is working out in the gym and sleeping. When we asked about what’s his passion in life, he answered: “Motorcycles and women.” Even though he is older, Joe is the wingman of Khaled as he lacks the charms that Khaled possess, but they can be the “best buds” most of the time. Joe is completely different person when he is around Deya as he is the only guy who stood next to her when her roommates turned their backs on her. Too bad that Joe is the wrong mentor for Deya as he always comforted her by saying “don’t care what other people think, always do what you want to do.” Joe is currently unemployed.

So what do you think? Will you watch it if it was true? What do you think of the cast? You can make your script, cast, or post any thoughts or comments.

9 Responses to "The Real World: Kuwait"

Bella Color (visit their site)

LooooooooooooooooooooooL... the description of the characters is sooo hilarious! I feel like i know those ppl! LoooooooooooL..!!

If it was real, i would definitly watch it!!!!

What i really liked about these characters is that they come from different 'sharee7 min ilmejtoma3'...

Masallah u're creative :)

Chai-7aleeb (visit their site)


jiji (visit their site)

bs 3ndel kareem ehwa elly dayyiin.. ow rest kilhom nafs elshy..

here is how i see it

-khled: drives a porsche and 3nda jaib lexus ow works fe media company

-jenan: shes a typical de3la "oooh my gowwwd" kuwaity grl who thinks ina u can win it all by claming women`s rights.. tsoog bentley GT

-is7aq: wayed mu7taram.. ow others are always jelous of him thinkin he has it ez being non-muslim and all.. drives a golf VW

-marwa: i cant see her very well, not yet

-3bdelkreem: drives a patrol safari.. he went to afghanistan ow hes one of them guys who worked fe intekhabat elsalaf fe jam3a

-deya2: just graduated from AIS ;p ow matadre ween allah ga6`ha.. mn 9bay le 9bay.. ow she drives ferrari F430

yousif: hes the buff type of guys who hang out fe car rentals.. like elmotar yam cinema elsalmeya.. no3 share3 elma6a3im.. ma3nda sayara bs hes a regular customer fe car rentals ;p
ee ow mukha wayed yahil.. WAYED! ow may3arf engleezi ;p

jiji (visit their site)

yeah.. yousifs friend kan imthabe6 deya2 mara mn ziman.. ow now he TOTALLY wants to get into the sac with her :)


cant wait to see wut happens in their daily reports prog :>

Tinkerbell (visit their site)

loool loves it! i would definitley watch this so hurry up and make it happen gabl la el 6ab6aba2i bans it :P

fractal00 (visit their site)

I would love to see that show... the characters are well described, ya3ni you can easily spot people with those characteristics and personality type.

Too bad i don't thinkt they will have something like this here, remember MBC's Big Brother .. stopped airing after two weeks if i remember correctly.

Marzouq (visit their site)

hahahahaha! Man! I think some of these people are going to kick each other's asses! Its like setting up for a fight..

some girl is going to hit a guy.. or a guy is going to hit a girl!


lets call this


Delicately Realistic (visit their site)

Yalla! Keep going! We want a story!

But bigger fonts plz and ill be hooked!

Fallen Angel (visit their site)

@Bella: Thanks sweety for the sweet compliments...If the show became a reality I will surely be over the roof. LOL

@Chai-7aleeb: Do you think LBC will be interested of a show about 7 Kuwaitis living in a house?

@JiJi: LOOOOOOOOL, I like how you assigned each one a car corresponding to its personality...I will make you the executive producer of the show. I don't think the rest of them all the same but Kareem is the nail that you cannot hammer down, and in the American version there's always this kinda person. But appreciate the comments ^_^

@Tink: LOL, Ohma 5alo shey ma men3o...inshallah, el show ra7 yekon eb Showtimes lol.

@Fractal00: True, true...but the good thing about "The Real World" is that there's no voting which means the events of the show can be taped before the airtime. Appreciate the compliments ;)

@Marzouq: LOL, I think your name of the show have a ring to it than "The Real World" especially if you are going to introduce it to the Q8i audience. Yeah if you have seen the American version everyone wants to hit everyone (although they mostly drunk when they start screaming to each other).

@Delicat: It's a reality TV...I cannot predict what's going to happen LOL. Hmmm, I will see if I can tweak the template's font a bit ^_^