Urban Legend

A friend of mine told me a story that he heard from his friend who heard from his big brother that happens to be his friend’s cousin. The story goes like this:

There’s this 14 year-old boy who loved masturbating in the bottom of his own house pool. Basically, he finds the pleasure of doing what he did while he starves for air or when he was close of being drowned. After he’s done what he usually does, he goes to a “Pearl Diving”, in which he starts to collect all of his sperm out of the pool just so he’s parent and siblings won’t caught his sperm floating on the pool. One day, he commits what he usually does at the bottom of the pool, but he heard his parent’s car parking in the garage. The boy gets scared and tries to go “Pearl Diving” and haunt for all the sperm he scattered in the pool. He successfully collects all the big chunk of sperm that is visible for the naked eye and neglects to collect the smaller ones. The next day, his 17 years old sister invited her cousins for a short dip in the pool. Three weeks later, his sister and all his female cousins missed their period. The whole family went ballistic over the accident and got confused on how on Earth that all of their daughters got pregnant in the same day. Fearing from shame and disgrace, the family agreed on having abortion since they don’t know who committed the crime and the fact all of their daughters are all young in age.

10 years have passed since the incident and the boy has learned his lesson, and he actually got engaged to his girlfriend that he knew her from the years they spent in college. The boy (or should I say the man) decided to have his sperm checked for motility and stuff. Now, the one who took the charge of his sperm sample was none other than his big sister who got pregnant 10 years ago. In the end she found that the DNA sequence of her brother’s sperm is exactly identical to the one who got her pregnant after she ran his data on the computer and the computer detects a history for that particular sperm. She realized that the father of that baby was none other than her 24 years old brother.

That’s the end of our Urban Legend story. Is it true or is it fake? That's up to you to decide.

EDIT: Congratulation to Transparently for figuring out the credibility of the story. Please read his comment below for detailed explanation.

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LaiaLy_q8 (visit their site)

um :/
i don't think so

Wer3Y (visit their site)

i dont think so too
its not that easy to be pregnant at this way.

Transparently (visit their site)

Hmm. Here is a little bit of education, for those who know better, please correct me. (First whats with the boy with the choking fetish at 14!). Sperm dies very quickly if not preserved or in a correct environment i.e. sperm jars (at a sperm bank), or a female's reproductive system. Were the girls swimming naked? If indeed the sperm does survive in the water, it will not know its way to the girl's vagina, it just can't figure things out. Sperm can't get through cloths, period (semen is a liquid and can seep through but not sperm!). What are the chances of a couple million/billion sperm of empregnanting more than one girl at the same time in a huge pool!

Delicately Realistic (visit their site)

So so so not true.
Transparently is 100% correct.
Plus....this is just me wondering...but is it actually 'collectible' ??

Cuteberry (visit their site)

Not true! Transparently's educational session says it all ;)

Per Your Request (visit their site)

"Nine-month later, his sister and all his female cousins missed their period"

lol- why did it take them so long? Is this the only time they realized they were all pregnant.

This sounds like a great way to scare a 14 yr old from "enjoying" the pool. However, like previous comments mentioned its impossible.

Sprem doesnt live that long, and especially in a chlorine treated pool. If it did, the sperm must have a great egg locating GPS system, lol.

Fuchsia Spunk (visit their site)

Fake! lol.
Ive heard a story just like this, before.
My friend told me one like it back in 8th grade.
She got me all freaked out.
I was scared to even get in a pool for months after that, hehe.
But then I matured and realized it was well...BS :P

Tinkerbell (visit their site)

lol ok u have to be REALLY gullible to believe this story..it is scientifically impossible for that sperm to survive and impregnate all these girls but i guess that's why we have urban legends: to mess with us :p

Marzouq (visit their site)

hahahaha! Cant happen.. but if it could.. it would happen in Kuwait from people swimming in the ocean! hahaha

Fallen Angel (visit their site)

@Laialy & Wer3y: It is correct but you should have told me why.

@Transparently: Congratulation for figuring it out and giving a detailed explanation on why do you think it is fake. That's all I wanted. Another clue is that it is impossible to collect the sperm...you can make it invincible to the naked eye but it is still there. Brave ^_^

@Delicat & Cuteberry: Yup yup it is fake, and Transparently is correct.

@Per Your Request: Ahh, you found rather a miss used of words and that's quite good. I should have said 2 weeks later not 9 months.

@Fuchsia: LOL that was funny...hearing this story at the 8th grade sure gonna scare ya to death. Oh and welcome to my blog.

@Tink: You got right Tink, but Transparently found the answer first so the congratulation post goes to him.

@Marzouq: LOL, I guess everything is possible in Kuwait even fake urban legends.

No3iK (visit their site)


7addda impossible!! its more of a joke then a legend!!

first of all a girl misses her period in three weeks four maximum not 9 months!!
lol they cant have an abortion after 9 months, they have labor lol!!

anyways spirm can only live that long inside the girls body not out!
maximum for 4-6 days depends on the strength of it swimmers ;p

o thany shay what are the chances that they allll got preg + not to mention theyre young which means must of been virgins!!!

soooo it is impossible in alllll the ways u can imagine.

as i said i laughed reading it i thought it was funny! ;)

Bella Color (visit their site)

LoooooooooooL... its impossible that only gullible ppl believe that this legend is true...

I dont need to repeat what transparently and no3ik said b/c both include precise info on why its impossible for a girl to get pregnant by swimming in the pool.

Fallen Angel (visit their site)

@No3ik: LOL, glad the post brought a smile (or a laugh for that matter) on your face hun. Yeah, this was defiantly a fake urban legend and I think it was an easy one to figure out. Great observation though ^_^

@Bella: LOL, yup yup...it is impossible to get pregnant in the pool. Have a great time swimming girlz ^_^