How To Get Away With Anything

This post is intended for men, but a contribution from female bloggers would be great. These are just simple steps on how men can get away with anything if they missed things up with their partners or wives; of course, without degrading the men’s status and without making fun of women. Many examples arise such as: you forgot her birthday or your anniversary, you stood her up by mistake because of car trouble, or you stood her up because you forgot. Whatever the crime, now you have to do the time. Just fellow these ABCD and hopefully everything would be alright (hopefully).

[A]dmit you made a mistake

Once it's clear that you've been caught, and there's absolutely no way to wiggle out of the consequences of your misdeed, you might as well admit it. Come clean about the screw-up and try to deal with the situation as it is. If you lie about the details at this stage, odds are she'll either sense that you're not being entirely honest with her, or she'll hear another version of the story from someone else.

[B]e sincere

It's been said that once a person can fake sincerity, they've got it made. But that's not quite the case here. When trying to recover a relationship, you can ruin everything by apologizing in an indifferent, sloppy way. Be genuine. Show through your tone and expression that you are genuinely sorry for your mistake, and that it will never, ever happen again in the future. Make it clear to her that you are repentant of your crimes (even if you secretly think that they weren't that major).


Although it may seem a little transparent to compensate for bad behavior with special gifts or favors, if done with discretion and style, this is an excellent way to make amends. The key, as always, is presentation. Make up for being inconsiderate by showing just how thoughtful you really are. Give her the little pendant she eyes every time you walk by that boutique, or spend a night doing something she's always trying to get you to do, but isn't really your thing.

[D]on't be a repeat offender

Even after you've accomplished A, B and C successfully, you can ruin everything by making the exact same relationship mistake again. Being rude to her friends once might just mean that you had a bad day and were short-tempered, but acting like a jerk on a regular basis proves that... well, you're a jerk. Prove that you've "learned your lesson" by making an extra effort to avoid it in the future.

It was also proven that a kiss on the forehead works wonder

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