What She Want To Watch?

A recent survey was conducted by Men’s Health magazine, in which they asked 800 American women to rate how hot men look when they’re doing everyday stuff. I have no idea if the results can be applied to Kuwaiti women, but if you think it’s not then that means two things. Either Kuwaiti women are dead inside or American women are horny as hell (although, I know most of you are going to choose the latter option).

The results are ranked as following:
1 through 6 points is the “Whatever” level.
7 through 10 points is the “Help me unhook my bra” level.

Alright, the results are as following:

• Lifting Weights (6)
• Playing Guitar (2)
Shaving in boxer briefs (9)
• Building Something (4)
• Strolling thoughtfully through a museum (3)
Playing with young children (10)
• Talking nicely with his mom (7)
• Working in the yard shirtless (10)
• Dancing Well (9)
• Running the grill at a cookout (8)

• Doing Yoga (1)
• Ordering dinner for both of us (6)
• Building a campfire (4)
Running shirtless (10)

So guys if you decided to run shirtless, please make sure that you have the body for it and your body hair is nicely trimmed.

6 Responses to "What She Want To Watch?"

jiji (visit their site)




hehehehe... well ok i kinda dont agree with all of em.. bs akthar shy tha7akny.. the playin with kids (10) stupid amerikans think they know it all! wut abt men in uniform! aw deshdasha ;p

Jewaira (visit their site)

Seeing a guy building something or doing physical labour while shirtless or in an sleeveless shirt is very hot. Even if he is wearing a dishdasha but working instead of slouching around - yes, that's hot ;)

I like to see men working with their hands and deep in concentration on something important.

Bella Color (visit their site)

LooooooL... yes i think some of it can applied to q8i women, too. The only difference is the cultural difference.

Dancing?!?!? LooooooooooooL... oooh please!! imagine a q8i guy wearing a dishdasha dancing to arabic or sharqi music?! Now in our society, we call him GAY and not HOT :P

When men play with children it catches almost every girls eye b/c it shows that he is compassionate and kind...

Bas when it comes to hottness, it a different matter :P

LaiaLy_q8 (visit their site)

LoL about the yoga, it's true but there are acceptions ;)

Fallen Angel (visit their site)

@JiJi: Ouch...I'm bleeding (kidding). Really? You get turned on by men wearing the deshdasha...interesting. Now, I know how I can woo you over Mowahahahahaha.

@Jewaira: The thing is most Kuwaiti men (including myself) not really into physical labor (unless you count working out in the gym). Hmmm, I usually work in deep concentration...does that count ^_^

@Bella: You said the truth Bella, I guess you will have a hard time to find a man spantouanulsy turn on in Kuwait lol

@Laialy: Exception? I'm guessing that "exception" would be your personal Yoga instructor.

Ryan Hasan (visit their site)

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