Nintendo Goodies

My dear dear friend Joe just came back from New York City, along with many great Nintendo goodies including t-shirts, caps, and sweaters that you can only get from Nintendo World Center located in heart of New York City. Those goodies cannot be bought from official Nintendo retailers online, so if you want to get your hands on them, you have to go to New York or maybe buy them on eBay.

Here is my collection (sorry for the blurry images...I took the pics using my cell phone):

A sport cap that says: Classically Trained

A t-shirt that says: You Never Forget Your First

Another t-shirt that says: Everybody Loves A Player

A Nintendo World Center official sweater with my official Nintendo DSLite

My favorite, a wallet in the shape of the NES controller. Classic.

This is my one of my favorite presents of all time. It's hard to imagine my life without the legendary Nintendo (I'm not a geek, but Nintendo is a respectable company that I will always love). Many thanks to my friend Joe who brought those gifts and also the great memories...I owe you man...BIG TIME.

6 Responses to "Nintendo Goodies"

Marzouq (visit their site)

Damn! Some of these are real old school! I cant remember when my old NES used to work! hehehe!

3baid (visit their site)

Awesome :D

phoenix (visit their site)

My favorite is the wallet too. they're soo cool! Bil 3afya....

No3iK (visit their site)

oh joe! seems like a very good friend
3laik bl 3afya ;)

btw, u just said in ur prev post that geek is a good thing :p and now ur saying ur not likee its offensive :D
hehehehehe that made me laugh

if ur not a geek !! then who is??
ur such a geek and u should be proud of it ;)

PhotoFlo (visit their site)

I really like the wallet too. They have a store here that sells that stuff, I think I'm going to go this weekend and buy stuff :)

Fallen Angel (visit their site)

@Marzouq: Probably it's still working especially if your NES was "a9lee"...I mean there is a GameBoy that survived the Gulf War for crying out loud.

@3baid: It sure is ;)

@Phoenix: Allah ye3afeech sweety...Thaaaaaaaanks ^_^

@No3ik: LOL, I wasn't being offensive but I can be anything except a geek...anything but geek LOL. Except if you have a term for a Nintendo geek who is a good dresser (a7em a7em)). And allah ye3afeech thanks babe ;)

@Photoflo: What store and where is it? Ahh, anyway, have a great shopping spree ^_^